Sunday, January 15, 2012

The View Towers Flood This Morning

This morning I was woken up at (I think) 3:44 (maybe 4:45) by the sound of running water. I thought maybe my bathtub hadn’t gotten turned off the night before properly and got out of bed to turn it off.  Well, no, it was water coming down from the floor above.  I phoned security and was told they already knew about it and were waiting for the plumber. I was glad they were on it but at the same time my bathroom was already pretty flooded so I wouldn’t have minded being woken up sooner.  I grabbed whatever towels, shirts etc. were handy to soak up the water. At first I used a large bowl to catch the water but later switched to the large bucket at the bottom of my fridge.  Then I realized that a box just outside the bathroom full of travel souvenirs needed to be moved. Then I noticed comics and other books on the floor of the bathroom. Then I noticed a new book in a nearby closet was now soaked. I moved whatever I could around and phone security again about a mop. They didn’t have time for that because they were helping the plumber but he didn’t think they had one anyway.

After things were more in control inside my apartment and no new water was coming in, I opened the door and saw that the hallway was soaked.  I learned from a neighbour’s comments it was from three floors above. Also one door over so neighbours actually got it even worse than I did. I took some photos as evidence and upon a neighbour’s request took photos of his suite as well.  Not sure at this point what I’ll do with them but they’re evidence if needed. I just wish I had taken photos while the water was still coming down.

Later I checked then other floors and confirmed that there was in fact water on the carpet up to three floors above but not any higher.  In the hallway my floor got hit harder than the upper floors; in fact upon my return to my floor I noticed a hole in the hallway ceiling probably caused by  the water, which is still coming down in that location.

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