Saturday, February 4, 2017

There's Nothing Out There (1991): Where are They Now?

Info derived from the imdb. Only titles 2014-on noted by name. All known cast members noted.

Craig Peck (Mike): last known acting role in 2003.
Wendy Bednarz (Doreen): last known acting role in 1994; as Director/Writer in 2011.
Mark Collver (Jim): in Conspiracy Encounters (2016); last previous known acting role in 2006.
Bonnie Bowers (Stacy): no other known acting roles.
John Carhart III (Nick): in Nightcap (1 episode 2017), then this; Miss Percep's Inn (2016) completed; as Editor: Take Care (2014).
Claudia Flores (Janet): last known acting role in 2011, then 1998.
Jeff Dachis (David): no other known acting roles.
Lisa Grant (Sally Foster): last known acting role in 1999.
Sissy Frye (Schoolteacher): no other known acting roles.
Cyrus Voris (Lead Punk): no other known acting roles; as Executive Producer: Legends (2 episodes 2014, 3 as Writer); as Additional Scenes Written By: Sheep & Wolves (2016); as Screenplay, pre-production: W.I.S.H. Police (nd); as Screenplay, announced: The Karate Kid 2 (nd); as Screenplay, in production: Noir (unknown episodes c2017); as Self: Under Siege: The Making of Demon Knight (2015).
Ronald St. Denis (Plumber): no other known acting roles.
Michael Berlly (Policeman #1): no other known acting roles.
Rafi Isaac (Policeman #2): no other known acting roles.
Tommy Barz (Policeman #3/Face on Cutting Room Floor): last known acting role in 2001, then this; as Stunt Coordinator in 2005.
Mark Calderone (Doctor): no other known acting roles.
Maja Barnes (Punk): no other known acting roles.
Robb DelGuidice (Punk): last known acting role in 2003, then 1998 (latter also Assistant Stunt Coordinator).
Molly Jacobson (Punk): last known acting role in 2009, then this.
Lottie (Punk): no other known acting roles.
Sheryl Nields (Punk): no other known acting roles.
Edwin Stalter (Punk): no other known acting roles; as Post-Production Coordinator in 2001, as Production Assistant in 2006, as Location Manager in 2006.
John Kim (Man in Black): last known acting role in 1999.
Christopher Thomas (Creature voice): no other known acting roles.
Rolfe Kanefsky (High School Student Walking on Campus; uncredited): last known acting role in 2007, then 1995, but Aliens vs. Titanic (nd) in post-production; as Writer, various: Sorority Slaughterhouse (2016), Space Dogs: Adventure to the Moon (2016), Timber the Treasure Dog (2016), Undergrad Nightmare (2016), Watch Your Back (2015), Today is Yesterday Tomorrow (2015; also Director), Stranded (2014), Abaddon (2014), A Tiger's Tail (2014), Devilish Charm (2014); as Writer, completed: The Black Room (2016; also Director), Last Day of School (2016); as Screenplay, completed: 666: Teen Warlock (2016); as Writer, post-production: A Dog & Pony Show (2016); as Screenplay/Story, filming: The Wrong Babysitter (2017); as Writer, announced: Megafoot (nd), Party Bus to Hell (2017; also Director); as Self: Behind the Scenes (1 episode 2015), Copycat (2015), Bikeman Begins (2014).

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Arrowverse Actors Who Have Appeared in Previous DC Shows and Movies

LAST UPDATED: January 13, 2017

This is an attempt to catalogue the various Arrowverse actors who have appeared in previous DC productions. Note that while I’ve tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, in some cases they are unavoidable so if you aren’t caught up, read at your own risk. This list will be updated as more actors appear, new seasons air, and overlooked appearances are discovered. Please do let me know what I’m missing.

At this point I’m limiting things to DC actors, the reason being that actors having appeared previously in a Marvel production doesn’t seem to increase their chances of landing an Arrowverse role. Should that change, I’ll add the Marvel actors in later.

I use Show Name, Show Start Year regardless of whether the actor appeared in that particular year, Character Name/s, Season(s) only for live action shows lasting more than one season, and Whether Cast, Guest (latter two TV), Movie, or Animated Short. For purposes of this list, actors who appear in every or nearly episode of a season are considered Cast regardless of their official classification.  To avoid any preferential treatment, actors are listed in order of last name. All prior live action DC work noted; for animated work only the best known work noted as voice actors tend to appear in many productions.

For purposes of this list, the Arrowverse is defined as the four live action superhero shows on the CW in 2016-2018+: Arrow (2012), Flash (2014), Supergirl (2015), and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2016). The reason the list counts Supergirl but not Flash (1990) when both have been shown on Flash (2014) to be on parallel Earths is simply because Supergirl is part of the current wave of shows while Flash (1990) is a long ended show.  Gotham (2014), while a contemporary of the Arrowverse shows, is on FOX and not connected to the Arrowverse.

Clancy Brown
Older Work: Superman: The Animated Series (1996) and Justice League (2002): Lex Luthor (Guest) among other DC animated work.
Arrowverse Work: Flash (2014): Wade Eiling (Guest)
Note: Eiling is a corrupt soldier who in the comics is an enemy/sometimes uneasy ally of Captain Atom. While Brown has voiced a number of roles, Superman’s arch nemesis Luthor is by far what he’s most known for DC-wise.

Dean Cain
Older Work: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993): Superman/Clark Kent (Cast); Smallville (2001): Curtis Knox (Guest Season 7)
Arrowverse Work: Supergirl (2015): Jeremiah Danvers (Guest Season 1-2)
Note: Cain plays Supergirl’s adoptive father on Supergirl; both this role and his appearance as a villain on Smallville were undoubtedly due to him playing Superman on Lois & Clark.

Lynda Carter
Older Work: Wonder Woman (1975): Wonder Woman/Princess Diana/Diana Prince (Cast); Smallville (2001): Moira Sullivan (Guest Season 6)
Arrowverse Work: Supergirl (2015): President Olivia Marsdin (Guest Season 2)
Note: While Carter appeared as key Smallville character Chloe Sullivan’s mother in Smallville, it was obviously her role as Wonder Woman that landed her the role of the US President in Supergirl.

Vito D'Ambrosio
Older Work: Flash (1990): Bellows (Cast)
Arrowverse Work: Flash (2014): Mayor Anthony Bellows (Guest Season 1-2)
Note: Bellows was a cop in the first Flash series and a mayor in the new series; it’s unknown if the Arrowverse Bellows was also a cop. Biff Manard, who played his partner Murphy in the original series unfortunately passed on prior to the start of Flash (2014).

Alex Désert
Older Work: Flash (1990): Julio Mendez (Cast)
Arrowverse Work: Flash (2014): Capt. Julio Mendez (Guest Season 3)
Note: The Arrowverse Mendez has thus far only been seen in the Flashpoint reality. Both versions work for the police, the original as a forensics scientist alongside Barry Allen, the latter as Captain.

Victor Garber
Older Work: Green Lantern: First Flight (2009): Sinestro (Movie)
Arrowverse Work: Flash (2014): Martin Stein (Guest Seasons 1-3); DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: same (Cast Seasons 1-2)
Note: Garber played Green Lantern’s future arch nemesis in a full-length animated movie; Stein is half of the heroic Firestorm gestalt being, though thus far on the Arrowverse shows it’s always been his partner who’s been in control of Firestorm.

Mark Hamill
Older Work: Flash (1990): The Trickster/James Jesse (Guest); Batman: The Animated Series (1992) and numerous subsequent shows and movies: The Joker (Guest or Movie)
Arrowverse Work: Flash (2014): The Trickster/James Jesse (Guest Season 1-2), The Trickster/James Jesse of Earth-3 (Guest Season 3)
Note: Despite his many years voicing the Joker, it was most likely his Trickster role that got him into Flash (2014). All versions of the Trickster are Flash enemies.

Michael Ironside
Older Work: Superman: The Animated Series (1996) and Justice League (2002): Darkeseid (Guest); The New Batman Adventures (1997): 80s Batman (Guest); Smallville: General Sam Lane (Guest Season 4 & 10).
Arrowverse Work: Flash (2014): Lewis Snart (Guest Season 2)
Note: Darkseid is the main villain of New Gods stories. Sam Lane is Lois Lane’s father while Lewis Snart is Captain Cold’s father

Neil McDonough
Older Work: Green Arrow (2010): Green Arrow/Oliver Queen (Animated Short)
Arrowverse Work: Arrow (2012): Damien Darhk (Cast Season 4, Guest Season 5); Flash (2014): same (Guest Season 2); DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2016): same (Guest Season 1, Cast Season 2).
Note: Before playing a foe of Green Arrow, McDonough voiced Green Arrow in a short that appeared as a bonus feature on Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam (2010).

Amanda Pays
Older Work: Flash (1990): Tina McGee (Cast)
Arrowverse Work: Flash (2014): Tina McGee (Guest Season 1-2)
Note: Both Tinas are scientists, with the original working for STAR Labs.

Brandon Routh
Older Work: Superman Returns (2006): Superman/Clark Kent (Movie); The Batman (2004): The Everywhere Man (Guest)
Arrowverse Work: Arrow (2012): The Atom/Ray Palmer (Cast Season 3, Guest Season 4-5); Flash (2014): same (Guest Season 1 & 3); DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2016): same (Cast Season 1-2)
Note: During the Invasion crossover, we learn that Supergirl resembles Ray’s cousin, likely a nod to Supergirl and Superman being cousins.

Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan is a special case. He appeared as John Constantine in Arrow season 4 after first appearing as the same character in the 2014 series Constantine, and a CW animated Constantine series has been announced. Therefore, despite Constantine airing on NBC, it is possible that the Constantine on Arrow was the exact same character and not just a parallel Earth version. Also, even if a counterpart, Constantine aired after Arrow started.

John Wesley Shipp
Older Work: Flash (1990): Flash/Barry Allen (Cast)
Arrowverse Work: Flash (2014): Henry Allen (Guest Season 1-2), Flash/Jay Garrick of Earth-3 (Guest Season 2-3)
Note: Shipp originally played Barry’s father on the Flash 2014 series but now plays a version of comics’ original Flash.

Marc Singer
Older Work: Batman: The Animated Series (1992): Man-Bat/Dr. Kirk Langstrom (Guest)
Arrowverse Work: Arrow (2012): General Matthew Shrieve (Guest Season 4)
Note: On Arrow, Shrieve only appeared in flashbacks. In the comics Shrieve commanded monsters not unlike Man-Bat.

Helen Slater
Older Work: Supergirl (1984): Supergirl/Kara Zor-El/Linda Lee (Movie); Batman: The Animated Series (1992): Talia al Ghul (Guest); Smallville: Lara-El (Guest Season 7 & 10)
Arrowverse Work: Supergirl (2015): Eliza Danvers (Guest Season 1-2)
Note: The former Supergirl plays Supergirl’s adoptive mother on the TV series. She also a Batman enemy/love interest on Batman and Clark’s birth mother on Smallville. Since appearing on Supergirl (2014) she’s also appeared as Clark’s adoptive mother Martha Kent in DC Super Hero Girls movies.

Laura Vandervoort
Older Work: Smallville (2001): Kara/Supergirl (Cast Season 7, Guest Season 8 & 10)
Arrowverse Work: Supergirl (2015): Indigo
Note: Vandervoort’s Kara was at least initially more resistant to Earth customs than the other versions of Supergirl, making her somewhat adversarial, though also an ally of Clark.  Indigo is a villain.

Michael Jai White
Older Work: Justice League (2002) and Justice League Unlimited (2004): Doomsday (Guest); The Dark Knight (2008): Gambol (Movie); Batman: The Brave and the Bold (2008): Tattooed Man (Guest)
Arrowverse Work: Arrow (2012): Bronze Tiger/Ben Turner (Season 2)
Note: Doomsday was the monster who briefly killed Superman in the comics. Gambol is a mob boss not from the comics. Tattooed Man is a Green Lantern foe. Bronze Tiger works for the black ops government team the Suicide Squad. White also played Green Lantern (John Stewart) in the 2006 video game Justice League Heroes.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

How I Would Have Adapted Batman: The Killing Joke

I think that the animated adaptation of Alan Moore & Dave Gibbon’s Batman: The Killing Joke (a comic book story roughly twice as long as a regular comic) was a decent effort but lacked the emotional punch it should have. Here’s how I would have done the story in animated form. Spoilers to both versions of the story of course.

The animated version has the right idea by having more scenes in the beginning with Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, so that what the Joker does to her has more of an emotional impact. However, by having that section completely disconnected from the rest of the movie, it mutes the impact. Plus, since this is a Joker story, the viewer gets a bit impatient waiting for the Joker to show up. But by the time he does the viewer has gotten invested enough in Batgirl’s story, told from her perspective that when the story that’s supported to be adapted finally turns up, it actually derails the movie that we’d been watching to this point. So to connect the stories more fully I’d do the following:

I’d establish that the Joker is so skilled at escaping that he more or less chooses when he leaves Arkham Asylum. The initial sequence would therefore also be a clash with the Joker, only involving Batgirl as well. As Batman and Batgirl tracked the Joker down, Batman would admit that despite having allies, he still tended to feel isolated and alone during his war on crime. Whenever he and Batgirl were alone, he’s noticeably let his guard down in his facial expressions, only to resume the stony face book whenever others were present. Also, Batgirl would observe that Batman keeps trying to put the Joker away and the Joker keeps escaping, and that the two of them were on a broken record. Meanwhile her father, Commissioner James Gordon would get into a debate with Batgirl as to whether or not the Joker was born evil (I think it works regardless of whether Gordon knows Batgirl is his daughter for this to work, but it might work better if it does, for reasons that will become apparent below).

Eventually Batman and Batgirl would capture the Joker. By this point Batgirl and her father’s debate would spill into the Joker overhearing them argue. The Joker would be motivated to not only escape sooner than usual but also try to drive Gordon mad to prove his evil was the result of a bad day and not his basic nature. Not realizing that the Joker had escaped, Batgirl, wanting to prove her own point, and stressing that the two of them were likely to get each other killed, would convince Batman to visit the Joker in Arkham. From there we’d head to the story of the comic version of the story with Batman learning of the Joker’s escape.

After the Joker killed the guy at the carnival he would remark that Batgirl was the only decent one among the do-gooders, thus emphasizing that he doesn’t know Batgirl is Barbara Gordon. This would have created further pathos when he shot and stripped Barbara and captured her father to try to drive James Gordon mad for what he said before.

The next bit would follow pretty closely the original story, with Joker remembering one possible version of his past as he subjects a stripped James Gordon to a mad carnival ride. He’d taunt Gordon with delight at watching the man who insulted him get dragged down by a bad day, just as he was, or at least how he remembers it that day.

When Batman was alone with Barbara, his face would soften and show his anguish, and he would promise to Barbara to really hurt the Joker for what he did to her. But Barbara would tell him no, because that way the Joker wins, by dragging them to his level. She’d tell him to try to redeem him one more time. Batman, touched by Barbara’s strength after the trauma she’d experienced, would promise to honour her wishes.

This promise would be strengthened further by him finding James Gordon, having survived the attempt by the Joker to drive him mad and having him tell Batman to do this by the book. Armed by the strength shown by both Gordons, he’d be able to first keep his cool and defeat the Joker, and then, at a point when he really just wants to hurt the Joker, offer to end their conflict just this once. The Joker would decline and tell his joke about being alone. Batman would laugh, but a bit uncertainly.

I’d end the story with Batman taking James to Barbara after James had been patched up. Batman would start to leave only to be asked to stay by his friends. Batman would think about how his friends, despite their trauma would heal and welcome him in their world, while the Joker was alone. Batman would finally realize that with such strong friends he could never be alone, so the Joker’s joke about being alone was no longer as funny. Having thus decided this, he’d realize that despite what they’d endured, this time the joke was on the Joker. The final shot would be of the Joker in Arkham, now completely broken with no energy to attempt an escape.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Justice League of America (1997 Pilot): Where are They Now?

Note: This was originally part of a blog entry on DC live action series of the 1980s and 1990s. It has been split into separate entries to allow for expanded coverage. Specific titles noted only for 2014-on. Information derived from the imdb. *=newly added name from earlier post. All known cast members noted.

Matthew Settle (Green Lantern): in Valentine (2016), Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (1 episode 2016), The Faith of Anna Waters (2016), Marshall the Miracle Dog (2015), Paper Angels (2014), Ouija (2014).
Kimberly Oja (Ice): last known acting role in 2008.
John Kassir (Atom): in Pete's Dragon (2016), The Secret Life of Pets (2016), Smothered (2016), Two Minutes to Midnight (1 episode 2016), The Gunrunner Billy Kane (2016), Breadwinners (2 episodes 2015), Halo 5: Guardians (2015 video game), Skylanders: SuperChargers (2015 video game), Rick and Morty (1 episode 2015), Lego Jurassic World (2015 video game), Minions (2015), Hot in Cleveland (1 episode 2015), NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (1 episode 2015), Chance Manifest (2015), Minkow (2015), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1 episode 2014), Skylanders: Trap Team (2014 video game), Bayonetta 2 (2014 video game), The Prophet (2014), Bump and Grind (1 episode 2014), Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (1 episode 2014); The Taker (2016), And Then There Was Eve (2016), Mystic Cosmic Patrol (1 episode nd) in post-production; First Platoon (nd) in pre-production; Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars (2016 video game) announced; as Additional Voices, completed: Sing (2016); as Self: Dysfunctional with No Filter Paul and Denise (unknown episodes 2016), Bizarre Transmissions from the Bermuda Triangle (2 episodes 2015).
Michelle Hurd (Fire): in Blindspot (1 episode 2016), Hawaii Five-0 (5 episodes 2014-2016), Daredevil (6 episodes 2016), Search Engines (2016), Jessica Jones (1 episode 2015), It Had to Be You (2015), I Spit on Your Grave 3: Vengeance Is Mine (2015), Devious Maids (4 episodes 2015), How to Get Away with Murder (1 episode 2015), Bosch (1 episode 2015), The Mysteries of Laura (1 episode 2015), Beautiful & Twisted (2015), Witches of East End (2 episodes 2014), Pretty Little Liars (1 episode 2014); Within the Dark (2016), We Don't Belong Here (2016) completed.
Kenny Johnston (The Flash): in La región salvaje (2016), A Cannibal's Handshake (1 episode 2015), Liar (2015), Today's Temp! 2 (2014; also Writer/Co-Producer), General Hospital (1 episode 2014), Road to the Open (2014), Drop in Any Mailbox (2014); The Meanest Man in Texas (2016) in post-production; Where the Tulips Grow (2016), Lost Fare (2017) filming.
David Krumholtz (Martin): in All Hail King Julien (12 episodes 2015-2016), Casual Encounters (2016), Sausage Party (2016), Hail, Caesar! (2016), The Good Wife (7 episodes 2014-2016), Mom (5 episodes 2015-2016), Gigi Does It (8 episodes 2015; also Executive Producer; 3 as Writer), Master of None (1 episode 2015), I Saw the Light (2015), HitRECord on TV (1 episode 2015), Forever (1 episode 2015), What's Your Emergency (1 episode 2015), Ella (2015; also Executive Producer), Key and Peele (1 episode 2014), Newsreaders (1 episode 2014), The League (1 episode 2014), The Judge (2014), Murdered: Soul Suspect (2014 video game), Diablo III: Reaper of Souls (2014 video game), Men at Work (5 episodes 2014), Gigi's Bucket List (2014; also Writer/Executive Producer); The Interestings (2016), Ghost Team (2016) completed; The Deuce (4 episodes 2017) in pre-production; as Self: Hollywood Today Live (1 episode 2016), @midnight (1 episode 2016), Comedy Bang! Bang! (1 episode 2015), Last Call with Carson Daly (1 episode 2015).
Elisa Donovan (Cheryl): in HOARS (Home Owner Association Regency Supreme) (1 episode 2015), The Dog Who Saved Summer (2015; also Co-Producer), Cardinal X (2015), Melissa & Joey (1 episode 2014), The Dog Who Saved Easter (2014; also Co-Producer); as Self: Entertainment Tonight (2 episodes 2015), Dr. Drew on Call (1 episode 2014).
Ron Pearson (Dr. Arliss Hopke): in The Comedians (1 episode 2015), Liv and Maddie (1 episode 2014), Raising Hope (1 episode 2014).
David Ogden Stiers (Martian Manhunter): in Regular Show (9 episodes 2014-2016), Rizzoli & Isles (2 episodes 2015); Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time (2016) completed; The Joneses Unplugged (2016) in post-production; as Self: Ride the Tiger: A Guide Through the Bipolar Brain (2016), My Music: Classical Rewind II (2015).
Miguel Ferrer (Weather Man): in NCIS: Los Angeles (91 episodes 2012-2016), Bald (2014), Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces (2014), Adventure Time with Finn & Jake (2 episodes 2014), Rio 2 (2014); Twin Peaks (1 episode 2017) in post-production; as Self: RoboDoc: The Creation of Robocop (2017), NCIS: Los Angeles - Season 6: Too Close for Comfort (2015), NCIS: Los Angeles: Season 5 - Crafting Afghanistan (2014), NCIS: Los Angeles: Season 5 - Happy 100th (2014), NCIS: Los Angeles: Season 5 - Unexpected Developments (2014), Home & Family (1 episode 2014).
Robert Gallo (Landlord): in The Exes (1 episode 2015); Ascension (2017) in post-production.
* Nick DeMauro (TV Repairman):  in Ray Donovan (1 episode 2016), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1 episode 2014).
* Jason Weissbrod (Drazen): in Doobious Sources (2016; also Camera Operator); as Producer/Editor: Kharma Bums (2015).
* Brian Sampson (ENO Security Officer; uncredited): in Steve Jobs (2015; also Stand-In), Murder in the First (1 episode 2015; 6 2014-2015 as Stand-In); as Stand-In: Big Eyes (2014), Need for Speed (2014); as Photo Double: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014); as Stand-In, completed: Birth of the Dragon (2016); as Stand-In, post-production: Looking: The Movie (2016), The Etruscan Smile (2017; also Precision Driver); as Stand-In, pre-production: Chance (1 episode 2016, 1 as Precision Driver); as Precision Driver, pre-production: Cruel Intentions (nd).
* Mary Ann Schmidt (Blonde Biker; uncredited): last known acting role in 2004.