Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Strange and Disturbing Dream Last Night

A woman and I (she may have been my mom in part of the dream but not all of it) while working as an auxiliary for the police force and found a car wreck.  My partner phoned the actual police who came and investigated.  We searched the car and I think through notes and the like determined that a woman had crashed the car because she had snapped and decided to kill her husband and child because her baby was “mutated” (in the dream’s terms that mean it had deformities; no X-Men like powers). A large bodybag or garbage bag (probably more the former) was found. My partner or the cop did a quick check and confirmed it was the husband.  We found a small garbage bag which I correctly guessed had the “mutated” baby inside; a note inside seemed to further suggest that (I think there was a bag inside a bag and the note may have been attached to the inner bag). My dream made no distinction between indoors and outdoors, so, being squeamish I went into my apartment’s backroom while they checked that bag, though candy on the floor prevented me from closing the bathroom door entirely. I noticed that more time was passing than should be needed to confirm that it was in fact the baby in the bag.  So trying to look away I left the bathroom to find out if they were done yet; I think they almost were.  While little left happened in this scenario I don’t recall; I think I woke up around then.

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