Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 Movie Trailer Glossary Terms

Here are ten terms I’ve come up with for movie trailers
1.      Critic Collection Trailers: Trailers that spend a fair bit of time quoting critics who liked the movie
2.      Executive Summary Trailers: Trailers that summarize the movie as a whole so well that that the viewer feels that actually seeing it’s unnecessary.
3.      Fooled You Ad: Prior to the showing of actual trailers, when what appears to be a movie trailer ultimately proves to be an ad for a computer game, car, etc.
4.      Guess the Movie Phenomenon: With all the remakes (of old movies and older shows) and prequels/sequels out there, the experience a viewer has of assuming a movie is probably one of the above and trying to guess which one.
5.      Incongruous Trailer: Trailers marketed to people seeing an entirely different film and who aren’t necessarily the trailer movie’s target audience (actual example: showing the trailer for Precious before Zombieland).
6.      Ohhhh Ha Ha Trailers: Trailers that start out serious with rising tension until something funny happens and the viewer realizes it’s actually a comedy.
7.      Only One Man Speech: Movies that tell you that in such a such kind of world/situation, only one man (rarely one woman) can resolve the matter at hand
8.      Three-D Groan: The audible groan in the audience when at the end of the trailer the words “in 3-D” appear
9.      We are Family Rule: Every movie about a dysfunctional family must play the song We are Family in its trailer.
10.  Where’s the Hook? Trailer:  A trailer that mainly just show everybody happy and hugging, which is great except the viewer is left wondering what is the situation that the characters are supposed to be dealing with

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