Tuesday, January 31, 2012

15 Things that Define Greater Victoria

Some of these aren’t unique to Greater Victoria but together they do help define it.

1.      The Fairmont Empress: the hotel literally fit for a queen
2.      View Towers: the high-rise full of crazy people
3.      Non-stop panhandlers, especially but not limited to downtown; they made the news when a conference got cancelled by attendees wanting to avoid them
4.      Government offices everywhere
5.      Numerous swimming holes in the Western Communities
6.      Three comic shops on the same side of the same block of Johnson St
7.      The waterfront buskers
8.      The Johnson St Bridge enabling travellers to commute from downtown Victoria to Esquimalt and View Royal; currently a distinctive blue bridge; it’s replacement will also be fancy looking if built according to the plans
9.      Three key shopping centres on Douglas St: The Bay Centre with its triangular tower, the large sized Mayfair Shopping Centre, and the currently being reconstructed 2-level outdoor Uptown Shopping Centre
10.  Red and blue double decker busses
11.  Related to #5 but a little different, quick access to bodies of water almost everywhere
12.  A bit of a small town mentality despite the size, with differences not very tolerated
13.  A higher percentage of Caucasian people even compared to many other Canadian cities
14.  Lots of geese and ducks
15.  Horse-drawn carriages downtown

Bonus: 4 things that used to help define Greater Victoria when I first moved here but no longer:
1.      Huge rabbit population at the University of Victoria (relocated)
2.      Excessively long rides on the busses to the ferries (Express busses now in place)
3.      No transit to the airport unless you count the Airporter (still room for improvement but there is some service there now)
4.      Cows at the airport (I don’t know what happened to them)

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