Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Last Branches of Defunct Franchises I Visited

Hopefully people reading this will recall favourite (or at least familiar) franchises from their own past): 

·         Bonanza (restaurant with buffet salad bar): Saanich
·         Blockbuster Canada (video rental): Fort St, Victoria
·         Borders (book store): 4th St in downtown Seattle
·         Foody Goody’s (Chinese food buffet): probably the one in Government St, Victoria; maybe one in Vancouver
·         Hollywood Video (video rental): Sleater-Kinney Road in Lacey; I’ve since visited an unaffiliated store of the same name in Sooke
·         Island Fantasy (comic shop): Market Square, Victoria, though I continue to visit the post-franchise Upstart Comics in Nanaimo for a while after
·         Mister Mike’s  (restaurant with buffet salad bar): the one on the Island Highway in Duncan
·         Movie Galley (video store):  Sooke Road in Sooke
·         Music World (music/video store): If memory serves, Lougheed Mall in Burnaby. I think I tried to get to Richmond Town Centre  in Richmonmd the same day but it was already gone
·         Northern Drugs (pharmacy): Kitimat
·         Pop Shoppe (as a dealer of that brand of pop, not the pop itself which is back): old downtown Duncan
·         Uncle Willy’s (buffet): can’t recall for sure; likely the one in Saanich; possibly the one by Metrotown in Burnaby

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