Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Earliest Memories

My earliest memories were either from Burnaby, during my first couple years, or Surrey, where I spent the next few years.  Maybe the first one is of Burnaby and the other of Surrey.

My single earliest memory is actually of me lying down, maybe in a crib wondering if I really exist, and if so how is that possible.  My next earliest memory was of getting out of my crib of my own accord and greeting my parents, and from that my parents realizing that it was time to switch me to a regular bed.  I might have the order reversed. I have a strong recollection of the existence thing happening first, but I don’t recall being enclosed in anything.  Likely I was in a crib still but because I wasn’t consciously thinking of that, my mind’s eye now views it as a bed. Not the longest stories to be sure, but remember I was less than five at the time, so I’m probably fortunate to have even those short flashes of memory.

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