Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Taxing Bank Experience

I went to my bank last Thursday because I never got an income tax slip, and I’d rather not have to risk going through the hassle of an audit (my stuff tends to get a bit scattered despite my best efforts).  Apparently not only doesn't the bank’s computer system not automatically generate slips if interest is less than $50, it can't do so manually.  Also, while the bank can print out my interest for the time range, it can only do so by printing a separate page for each month. This nationwide bank didn't have the technology to print a year summary of the interest one sheet.  So what I ended up doing was printing a copy of a spreadsheet I’d made up earlier with the interest and had them check my figures and stamp the sheet with a note that the figures were verified.  The people there were as friendly and cooperative as the technology allowed, and they did go through what wasn’t a fast process.  So I really do appreciate their effort.  I just think the technology should have allowed for a much simpler approach.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Impossible 5 Chapter 11 (of 11)

The heroes arrived back home with no time having had passed. In fact they saw the after-image of their earlier selves vanishing.

The Master Plotter looked shocked as the heroes arrive.  “Impossible! You should have been gone for years!  Maybe even forever!  Well, one more blast and..”

But a force struck him from behind before he could act, rendering him unconscious.  In was the Missile!

“Hi guys!  Some alien imposter replaced me and sent me to the Shadow Zone.  I could see that I was replaced by some grim and gritty alien imposter from the planet Imposto, but I couldn’t escape until the Blazer was sent there too and replaced.  Using his energies he got us out of there.”

Wallbreaker and Token Women couldn’t help smirking.  O’Canada sighed. “Okay, maybe you two do have a point about all the returns.”

“It’s not such a bad thing in some ways not being able to die,” said Wallbreaker. “The Glowing Man probably would have killed us years ago by accident otherwise.”

Even the Glowing Man had to laugh at that. 

“See you guys,” said Helltrotter. “I have a lot of things to catch up on. No time to horse around.” He galloped away.

Meerlim’s voice appeared in all their heads. “Well done heroes!  You have recovered all the pieces of the rod and thwarted the Master Plotter.  Now you can go back to doing what you do best.”

Wallbreaker and Token Woman looked at each other.  “I don’t know,” said Token Woman. “I don’t think I can. Here I’m just a member of a team where I’m just some, well, token woman. A team that doesn’t need me because no one really dies. I think I can actually make more of a difference on the world we just came from.” 

“That can be granted,” said Meerlim.

O’Canada said, “I’m sure the Groovy Guys will miss you. I know the Impossible Five certainly will.”

Token Woman said, “Thank you, my friend. But at the risk of leaving your team short-handed, I hope that one of you I won’t have to miss. I’m an independent gal, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate good company.”

Everyone turned to look at Wallbreaker as he thought it over.  Crack Heroine said, “Hey, a hot gal gives you an invite like that, there’s only one right answer.  Don’t be a chump.”

“Wallbreaker said, “I… I loved working with you guys. Rita, if things had been different maybe…”

Rita smiled sadly and nodded.

Wallbreaker continued, “…but I’ve always felt I was missing something.  This feels right.  I’d regret not doing this.  I can do so much more in a world where people are in real danger, where we can truly maybe a difference.  And… Crack Heroine, you’re not wrong. It’s also about a good woman.”

Token Woman smiled. Crack Heroine replied, “You have chosen wisely, grasshopper.”

Wallbreaker said, “O’Canada, I’d like to nominate the real Missile as my replacement, if he wants.”

The Missile said, “:I don’t know quite what’s going on, but if you’re leaving the team, I want in, you bet!”

O’Canada saluted them.  Wallbreaker and Token Women said, “We’re ready” almost simultaneously... and then found themselves outside the entrance to a large apartment complex in Victoria, where a stabbing was about to occur.

“Let’s do it,” said Wallbreaker.

“On it!” Token Woman replied.

The end.

And so ends the adventures of the Impossible Five. If you want to read about Wallbreaker and Token Woman’s adventures on this more realistic world (or for that matter, if you don’t), please let me know.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

DVD Guide 4 Adventures of Superman Season 2 to Against the Wall

VERSION:WB; Fullscreen as aired; slipcased
CAST: George Reeves, Noel Neill, Jack Larson, John Hamilton, Robert Shayne
GENRE: Action, Science Fiction, Family
NOTES: The original TV adventures of the reporter/superhero
LANGUAGES: English (spoken); English, French, Spanish (subtitles)
CHAPTERS: By episode only
Disc One:
·         Five Minutes to Doom/Thomas Carr/Monroe Manning
·         The Big Squeeze/Thomas Carr/David Chantler
·         The Man Who Could Read Minds/Thomas Carr/Roy Hamilton
·         Jet Ace/Thomas Carr/David Chantler
·         Shot in the Dark/George Blair/David Chantler
·         The Defeat of Superman/George Blair/Jackson Gillis
Disc Two:
·         Superman in Exile/Thomas Carr/Jackson Gillis
·         A Ghost for Scotland Yard/George Blair/Jackson Gillis
·         The Dog Who Knew Superman/Thomas Carr/David Chantler
·         The Face and the Voice/George Blair/Jackson Gilis
·         The Man in the Lead Mask/George Blair/Roy Hamilton
·         Panic in the Sky/Thomas Carr/Jackson Gillis; COMMENTARY: Actors Noel Neill, Jack Larson
Disc Three:
·         The Machine that Could Plot Crimes/Thomas Carr/Jackson Gillis
·         Jungle Devil/Thomas Carr/Peter Dixon
·         My Friend Superman/Thomas Carr/David Chantler
·         The Clown Who Cried/George Blair/David Chantler
·         The Boy Who Hated Superman/George Blair/David Chantler
·         Semi-Private Eye/George Blair/David Chantler; COMMENTARY: Actors Noel Neill, Jack Larson
Disc Four:
·         Perry White’s Scoop/Thomas Carr/Roy Hamilton
·         Beware the Wrecker/George Blair/Royal Cole
·         The Golden Vulture/Thomas Carr/Jackson Gillis
·         Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor/Thomas Carr/David Chantler
·         Lady in Black/Thomas Carr/Jackson Gillis
·         Star of Fate/Thomas Carr/Roy Hamilton
Disc Four:
·         The Wrestling Bird/Thomas Carr/David Chantler
·         Around the World With Superman/Thomas Carr/Jackson Gillis
FEATURES: The First Lady of Metropolis, Stamp Day for Superman
DATE/TIME/RATING: 1953-54, 683/11h23 total+, Unrated US/G Can
Stamp Day for Superman
CAST: George Reeves, Noel Neill, Billy Nelson, Tristram Coffin, Jack Larson
DIRECTOR: Thomas Carr
NOTES: Special episode for promoting US Treasury Saving Stamps
DATE/TIME: 1954, 18

VERSION:WB; Fullscreen as aired; slipcased
CAST: George Reeves, Noel Neill, Jack Larson, John Hamilton, Robert Shayne
GENRE: Action, Science Fiction, Family
NOTES: The original TV adventures of the reporter/superhero
LANGUAGES: English (spoken); English, French, Spanish (subtitles)
CHAPTERS: By episode only
Disc One:
DIRECTOR: Harry Gerstad unless noted
·         Through the Time Barrier/David Chantler
·         The Talking Clue/David Chantler
·         The Lucky Cat/Jackson Gillis
·         Superman Week/Peggy Chantler
·         Great Caesar’s Ghost/Jackson Gillis
·         Test of a Warrior/Leroy H. Zehren; DIRECTOR: George Blair
Disc Two:
DIRECTOR: George Blair
·         Olsen’s Millions/David Chantler
·         Clark Kent, Outlaw/Leroy H. Zehren
·         The Magic Necklace/Jackson Gillis
·         The Bully of Dry Gulch/David Chantler
·         Flight to the North/David Chantler
·         The Seven Souvenirs/Jackson Gillis
Disc Three:
DIRECTOR: Harry Gerstad unless noted
WRITER: David Chantler unless noted
EPISODES: King for a Day (DIRECTOR: George Blair, WRITER: Dwight Babcock), Joey, The Unlucky Number, The Big Freeze, Peril by Sea, Topsy Turvy
Disc Four:
·         Jimmy the Kid/Phil Ford/Leroy H. Zehren
·         The Girl Who Hired Superman/Phil Ford/David Chantler
·         The Wedding of Superman/Phil Ford/Jackson Gillis
·         Dagger Island/Phil Ford/Robert Leslie Bellem
·         Blackmail/Harry Gerstad/Oliver Drake, David Chantler
·         The Deadly Rock/Harry Gerstad/Jackson Gillis
Disc Five:
·         The Phantom Ring/Phil Ford/David Chantler
·         The Jolly Roger/Phil Ford/David Chantler
FEATURES: Adventures of Superman: The Color Era, Faster than a Speeding Bullet: The Special Effects of Adventures of Superman, Excerpt: Look! Up in the Air! The Amazing Story of Superman
DATE/TIME/RATING: 1955-56, 706/11h46 total, Unrated US/G Can

VERSION:WB; Fullscreen as aired; slipcased
CAST: George Reeves, Noel Neill, Jack Larson, John Hamilton, Robert Shayne
GENRE: Action, Science Fiction, Family
NOTES: The original TV adventures of the reporter/superhero
LANGUAGES: English (spoken); English, French, Spanish (subtitles)
CHAPTERS: By episode only
Disc One:
·         Peril in Paris/George Blair/David Chantler
·         Tin Hero/George Blair/William Schiller
·         The Town that Wasn’t/Harry Gerstad
·         The Tomb of Zaharan/George Blair/David Chantler
·         The Man Who Made Dreams Come True/George Blair/David Chantler
·         Disappearing Lois/Harry Gerstad/Peggy Chantler, David Chantler
Disc Two:
·         Money to Burn/Harry Gerstad/David Chantler
·         Close Shave/Harry Gerstad/Steve Post (story); Benjamin B. Crocker (teleplay)
·         The Phony Alibi/George Blair/Peggy Chantler
·         The Prince Albert Coat/George Blair/Leroy H. Zehren
·         The Stolen Elephant/Harry Gerstad/David Chantler
·         Mr. Zero/Harry Gerstad/Peggy Chantler
Disc Three:
·         Whatever Goes Up/Harry Gerstad/William Schiller
·         The Last Knight/Thomas Carr/David Chantler
·         The Magic Secret/Phil Ford/Robert Leslie Bellem, Whitney Ellsworth
·         Divide and Conquer/Phil Ford/Robert Leslie Bellem, Whitney Ellsworth
·         The Mysterious Cube/George Blair/Robert Leslie Bellem, Whitney Ellsworth
·         The Atomic Captive/George Blair/Robert Leslie Bellem, Whitney Ellsworth
Disc Four:
·         The Superman Silver Mine/George Blair/Peggy Chantler
·         The Big Forest/Howard Bretherton/Robert Leslie Bellem, Whitney Ellsworth
·         The Gentle Monster/Howard Bretherton/David Chantler
·         Superman’s Wife/Lew Landers/Robert Leslie Bellem, Whitney Ellsworth
·         Three in One/Lew Landers/William Schiller (story/telepay), Whitney Ellsworth (teleplay)
·         The Brainy Burro/George Reeves/David Chantler
Disc Fix:
·         The Perils of Superman/George Reeves/Robert Leslie Bellem, Whitney Ellsworth
·         All that Glitters/George Reeves/Robert Leslie Bellem, Whitney Ellsworth
FEATURES: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen
DATE/TIME RATING: 1957-58, 677/1h17 total, Unrated US/G Can

AKA: L’Adversaire, El Adversario
VERSION: Alliance Atlantis
CAST: Daniel Auteuil, Géraldine Pailhas, Francois Cluzet, Emmanuelle Devos, Bernard Fresson, Francois Berléand
DIRECTOR: Nicole Garcia
WRITER: Jacques Fieschi, Frédéric Bélier-Garcia, Nicole Garcia, Alice Fauvet, Martin Jobert, Michel Cassagne, Joséphine Derenne, Anne Loiret, Oliver Cruveiller, Nadine Alari, Nicholas Abraham (script/ dialogues); Ewmmanuel Carrère (book)
GENRE: Drama
NOTES: Based on true story of a man leading a completely fabricated life who finally snaps
BOOKLET: 2 pages (1 side French)
LANGUAGES: French (spoken/2 types); English, French (subtitles)
DATE/TIME/RATING: 2003, 124/2h4, 14A Can

AKA: Victor Vogel – Commerical Man
VERSION: Columbia; Widescreen
CAST: Götz George, Alexander Scheer, Chulpan Khamatova, Maria Schrader, Vadim Glowna, Nele Mueller-Stöfen,               Heinz-Werner Kraehkamp, Gudrun Landgrebe
DIRECTOR: Lars Kraume
WRITERS: Lars Kraume (story, screenplay); Harold Kraume, Till Sivkovich (story); Tom Schlesinger (screenplay)
GENRE: Comedy
NOTES: A young man tries to maintain his integrity in the advertising world
LANGUAGES: German, French (spoken); English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai (sub-titles)
FEATURES: Making of, Deleted Scenes, Alternate Opening/Ending B-Roll Footage, Theatrical Trailers, Filmographies (text)
DATE/TIME/RATING: 2001, 108/1h48, R US

VERSION: Lantern Lane, Two Left Shoes, DEJ; Widescreen
CAST: Andy Dick, Cynthia Nixon, Jon Tenney, Timothy Olyphant
DIRECTOR: Don Scardino
WRITER: Douglas Carter Beane (screenplay)
GENRE: Drama, Comedy
NOTES: A couple that’s been in the nightlife scene too long try to fall in love again
LANGUAGES: English (spoken); no sub-titles
DATE/TIME/RATING: 2000, 83/1h23, about PG

VERSION: Paramount; Widescreen
CAST: Charlize Theron, Marton Csokas, Jonny Lee Miller, Sophie Okonedo, Pete Postlethwaite, Frances McDormand           
DIRECTOR: Karyn Kusama
WRITER: Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi
GENRE: Science Fiction
NOTES: An 25th century underground fighter discovers secrets that could change everything
LANGUAGES: Englishx2, French (spoken); English, Spanish (sub-titles)
COMMENTARY: Actor Charlize Theron, Producer Gale Anne Hurd
COMMENTARY: Writers Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi
OTHER FEATURES: Creating a World: Aeon Flux, The Locations of Aeon Flux, The Stunts of Aeon Flux, The Costume Design Workshop of Aeon Flux, The Craft of the Set Photographer on Aeon Flux, Theatrical Trailer
DATE/TIME/RATING: 2005, 92/1h32, PG-13 US/14A Can
Creating a World: Aeon Flux
CAST: David Gale, Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi, Peter Chung, Robin Richesson, Gale Anne Hurd, Karyn Kusama, Charlize Theron, Marton Csokas, Pete Postlethwaite, Sophie Okonedo
DATE/TIME: 2006, 21
The Locations of Aeon Flux
CAST: David Gale, Karyn Kusama, Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi, Gale Anne Hurd, Andrew  McAlpine, Mathias Braun, Christian Klempert, Rosemarie Ludewig, Frank Lauterbach, Stefan Schenck
DATE/TIME: 2006, 15

VERSION: Zeitgeist; Widescreen
CAST: Habib Amiri, Setara Hussainzada, Rafi Naabzada, Lima Sahar, Hameed Sakhizada, Massoud Sanjer, Daoud Sediqi, Tahir Shaqi, Fazl Hadi Shinwari
DIRECTOR: Havana Marking
GENRE: Documentary
NOTES: Looks at a musical talent competition in Afghanistan and the dangers contestants face
LANGUAGES: English, Dari, Pashto (spoken); English (sub-titles)
FEATURES: Interview (Havana Marking), Theatrical Trailers
DATE/TIME/RATING: 2009, 88/1h28, Unrated, about 14A

VERSION: Anchor Bay; Widescreen
CAST: Marc Blucas, Charity Shea, Tanc Sade, Noel Fisher, Dave Franco, Natalie Elizabeth Marston, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, John Witherspoon, Jeanette O'Connor, Timm Sharp, James DeBello, Keir O'Donnell, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Taryn Manning, Jane Seymour
GENRE: Drama
NOTES: Looks at the conversations people have after sex
LANGUAGES: Englishx2 (spoken); no sub-titles
DATE/TIME/RATING: 2006, 78/1h18, 18A Can

AKA: Quality of Life
VERSION: Screen Media; Widescreen
CAST: Lane Garrison, Brian Burnam, Luis Saguar, Mackenzie Firgens
DIRECTOR: Benjamin Morgan
WRITER: Benjamin Morgan, Brian Burnam (story/screenplay); Brant Smith, Tom Mullowney, Clay Butler, Aron Colete (story)
GENRE: Drama
NOTES: San Francisco graffiti writers find their lives out of control
LANGUAGES: English (spoken); no sub-titles
COMMENTARY: Director/Co-Writer/Co-Producer Benjamin Morgan
DATE/TIME/RATING: 2006, 84/1h24, R US