Saturday, January 28, 2012

12 Marvel Properties that Would Make a Fun TV Series

For purposes of this list, in order to think outside the box, I’m ruling out those properties that have already had a series or pilot/TV special: Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, Hulk, Power Pack, Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD, Generation X.  Daredevil and Thor technically also had backdoor pilots via Incredible Hulk specials.

1.      Alpha Flight: A team of heroes defends Canada while also dealing with the Canadian government
2.      Damage Control: A look at a business designed solely to clean up after superhero fights
3.      Hawkeye and Mockingbird: Clint Barton and Bobbi Morse are a married couple, one a thrill seeking archer, the other a secret agent
4.      Howard the Duck: Slice of life adventures of a curmudgeonly duck trapped in Cleveland
5.      Human Torch: Jim Hammond is a fiery artificial man during World War II
6.      Man-Thing: You could have a conflict of the week which is impacted  by Ted Sallis’ plant creature alter ego, who burns those who know fear
7.      Marvels: A look at how a photojournalist’s life is affected by being in a world of fantastic beings.
8.      The Phantom Rider: Carter Slade fights bad guys in the old west while convincing everyone he’s a ghost
9.      Punisher: Frank Castle’s one-man war on crime brings him into conflict with criminals and the police
10.  Sgt. Fury: The wartime unit the Howling Commandos fight Nazis and larger than life groups like Hydra
11.  Sub-Mariner: Namor is an Atlantean king who straddles the fence between being an ally and enemy to the surface world
12.  Two-Gun Kid: Matt Hawk is a western gunfighter who finds himself in the modern world

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