Friday, January 27, 2012

The Impossible 5 Chapter 4

King Artur dressed in a red robe with gold hems. He wore a crown that said “Artur” on it.  Meerlim dressed in dress, including a robe and a large triangular cap. Yellow stars, moons, etc. were scattered all over both.

Walllbreaker was glad that they knew they were on the same side. Still, they might not realize that from the heroes’ perspective, the conflict with the Groovy Guys, and thus Token Woman, was long since over. They’d have to play this carefully.

Token Woman responding to Artur’s growing remark, replied.  “I’m from the future. The farther future that is.”

Artur asked Meerlim? “Can this be true?”

Meerlim frowned. “It’s possible.  Still tis strange that they would appear so soon after the younger Token Girl arrived.”

“You’d be surprised how often this sort of thing happens,” said Wallbreaker.  Normally he didn’t like to openly display his level of self-awareness, but he wasn’t particularly interested in getting into a big magic fight.

“We mean you no harm, sirs,” said O’Canada.  “Token Woman is destined to meet you a few more times in your own future….”

“My head hurts,” remarked the Crack Heroine.

“… and she knows that you are good.  Though I must confess that seeing how badly her younger self was just injured….”

“Actually that wasn’t them”, replied Token Woman.  “That was the Creature from the Greenish-Blue Dimension.  Long story.”

Artur asked. “Will thou submit to a scan?”

“We will,” said O’Canada.  “Just understand that the Glowing Man here sometimes affects other energies.”

Meerlim nodded. “It should suffice to scan the rest of you.”

He started the scan. “Oh my you are a bloodthirsty one,” he said as he scanned the Missile. Arthur tensed up. Meerlim waved his hand dismissedly. “But not a threat. At least not to us.”

“So what brings you to our castle?” asked Artur

“Aside from your clamps?” retorted the Crack Heroine.

Meerlim said to Artur, “You’ll have to forgive her, Your Majesty. My scan revealed traces of numerous psychoactive drugs in her system. It seems that these drugs give her heightened abilities, but are highly addictive and adversely affecting her personality.”


“However, they all seem to be genuine.  But tell me, how did you start using drugs to fight crime?”

“Some Afghanistan scientists captured me on a trip there and used me to experiment on.  Only it backfired and I gained powers.  I stole some of the drugs after I beat up my tormentors, fled by way of a superjet I found (it operated on mental commands so I didn’t need to know how to fly it) and when I got home, my friend Dr. Beanhead and his mutated pet monkey Seedu whipped me up some more of the stuff so I could fight frime.

Meerlim nodded, “Yes that would explain it.”  Wallbreaker didn’t want to say so out loud, but he could have sworn at one point she’d told him that it was a trip to Moscow and that it was the Soviet government that captured her.  No, that didn’t make sense. The USSR had crumbled well before she became a crime fighter.

O’Canada explained to Artur and Meerlim how the Master Plotter had used his Plot Device to trap them on this world.  “You have a lovely dimension, but we must get back home.”

“That is within my power,” replied Meerlim, “but we must request a favour from you.”

“We figured that was likely,” O’Canada said.

Artur said, “Three villains have gotten a hold of the Three Rods of Power.  Alone they are a nuisance but one we were willing to tolerate in order to hide our true nature from the multiverse.  However, it seems they are considering formerly an allegiance with a few other ne-er do wells and may realize that the three rods together form the Triangle of Terror, and that is truly destructive.  We therefore need you to acquire the Rods for us. I recommend do face them together one by one instead of splitting up and facing them as once, for the rods are still quite powerful.  If this is agreeable I will tell you what you need to know.”

The heroes agreed.  Meerlim wave his wand and the seven heroes prepared to face their first task.

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