Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recent View Towers News

Less than two weeks ago I arrived at View Towers as the police were leading someone else out in cuffs.

Some abandoned garbage was in the stairwell for multiple days.

A few days ago a guy at the elevators graciously offered to beat anyone up who was so inclined. For some reason there were no takers. I did hesitate before getting in the elevator with him, but the elevators are notoriously slow and I only needed to go up a floor (the way the building is designed, I couldn’t take the stairs up).

Then yesterday the fire alarm went off.  My neighbour who keeps shouting about burning in hell, not realizing the irony of what he was saying, poked his head out the door and kept repeating “Again! Again! Again!”  I went downstairs and got some great nighttime photos of people casually entering the building either people they had a key or were being buzzed in.

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