Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cheapest Way to Get from Victoria BC to Seattle WA

The reverse is obviously true for any Seattle-ites reading this. Note that this system doesn't work during the Hood Canal Bridge closure, but that should be finished before the end of June 2009. I'm not including times because it's possible to vary this, and because times are variable (for this reason I'm also not mentioning costs nor mentioning the Hood Canal closure route; I'm hoping that writing this entry in this fashion most of it will still be valid years later).

1. Go to the inner haarbour of Victoria and take either the Coho (Black Ball Transport) or Victoria Express to Seattle. For best results in terms of time, take the 6:10 am Coho ferry during the summer when ferry service is at its peak.

2. From the new transit terminal in Port Angeles, now just across from the Victoria Express, take the 30 Commuter bus to Sequim (Clallum Transit). You'll most likely have time to explore Sequim before the next bus

3. At Sequim Transit Center, take the 8 Sequim bus to Port Townsend Park & Ride. Bus a daypass when you enter the bus (Jefferson Transit)

4. You'll have a small amount of time if you want to rush into town, but if so I recommend taking the 11 Downtown Shuttle (still Jefferson Transit, so your daypass is good). There's no bus taking that route in reverse, but it'll save you some vital minutes. Then dash back to the Park & Ride

5. Back at the Port Townsend Park & Ride, use that daypass to take the #7 Poulso/Port Ludlow/Tri Area bus to Poulsbo Transit Exchange (Jefferson Transit once again). You may have time to check out the little shopping area right beside the exchange, but I wouldn't venture further unless you're okay with taking a later bus.

NOTE: In the event that times are tight (more likely going the other direction), you can switch from the 8 to the 7 at Four Corners, thus bypassing Port Townsend entirely.

6. Take the 90 Poulsbo/Bainbridge bus to Bainbridge ferry terminal (Kitsap Transit). You probably won't have time to visit Winslow (Bainbridge downtown) unless you otp to take a later ferry, which is certainly do-able as they run pretty frquently.

7. Take the Bainbridge ferry to Seattle. You'll only have to pay Seattle to Bainbridge, not the reverse.

Yes, this is a longer route, but it's cheaper than the Clipper or going to Vancouver and taking a coach/train from there. And the stops along the way are worth a visit.