Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Most Profitable Venture

While in Nanaimo one of the comic shops (Island Fantasy, later Upstart Comics, now defunct)  was getting rid of its old comics for some ridiculously low price. Ten cents each I think.  That made me think of an idea.  I called around a couple book stores.  They would buy old comics for a percentage of the cover price. I’m thinking ten percent but it could have been 25.  This was in 1991-1992 so a very long time ago. Regardless I realized I could make a decent profit but buying those comics whose original cover price was the highest (there were no ten cent stickers so the book stores had no way of knowing how much I paid for them) and then selling them to the book stores and getting more for them there than I had originally paid. There were enough of these cheap comics around that I was able to make a bit of a profit. Not enough to make me rich, but I did buy one of those thick Roger Ebert movie guides with my profit and still had money left over.  I think I might have more qualms about doing this now but it was a fun at the time to realize I had unearthed an easy way to make a profit.

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