Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last Night’s Insomnia

What to write about when you had insomnia the night before and are having trouble thinking of stuff to write about? Well, write about the insomnia.  And yes I’m aware of the irony of doing this after the previous blog post was on a disturbing dream.

When I checked my answering machine I put my bag with a book I needed to duse use for a project in a different location than I’d thought. So later I thought I had lost the bag and had trouble sleeping because I still really wanted to do that project. I e-mailed a friend I had just finished hanging out with in case she had it (it was too late to phone) and looked up lost and found info for a transit bus I’d been on. I also kept looking where it should have been. I did a partial version of the post I had wanted to type with the book in the hopes that would help with the sleep. Not really. Finally I decided to doublecheck my answering machine… whereupon I felt the missing bag. So I then typed the post I had tried to type earlier and hoped that I could finally get to sleep. Only then I was too wound up. I lay on my bed and felt like I had been awake all night, only time did pass very fast and I did later recall a short bit with Mr. T that must have been from a dream. So I must have slept, but very lightly.  Probably only three hours total if that. Oddly I felt wide awake for most of the day and fairly normal really and only just got sleepy a few minutes ago.

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