Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tales from Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut used to have buffets of a sort on Monday, where staff would bring slices to tables (I think one meat option and one vegetarian option).  The one in Nanaimo was great; I’d often go there either by myself or with Malaspina College (now Vancouver Island University) dormmates. The dormmate with the car was a rather… energetic driver and it felt like we were airborne more often than on the round during the overly packed car trip to the restaurant.  Once (this being my early 20s) I did something that, in my forties would never do: I ate too many pieces of pizza, got sick in the bathroom… and then continued eating.

I wasn’t at impressed with the Pizza Hut on Shelbourne when I moved to Victoria (or rather Saanich; University of Victoria is considered part of Saanich and Oak Bay, and most of the immediate area I travelled to the most, including Pizza Hut was in Saanich).  It always seemed that they were slow relaying the type of pizza I liked (you couldn’t get it yourself; you had to wait for them to come over with it). Once I went there and there were a large number of kids, so the staff kept relaying the pizza to the kids, and only to the kids, who would take all the pizza and were ready for more by the time the next tray came along.  They never started with the adult tables so it was rare for any of the other tables to get any on that day.  After about 20 minutes or so I hadn’t gotten a single slice and went to Mr. Mike’s instead.  I think I only went there once or maybe twice after that

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Batman Has No Powers

When I was really young (probably in Lethbridge at the time, so probably 5 or 6) I was already fascinated by superheroes but I was still tryin to get a handle on them.  At first I thought all superheroes had powers. So when another kid showed me a batman doll I insisted that Batman had to have a power of some sort even as the kid kept (correctly of course) correcting me.  Finally the kid gave up trying to to correct me and humoured me that Batman did sometimes had a way of jumping that might seem like flying afterward. That satisfied me at the time. And of course I later figured out that quite a few superheroes didn’t really have powers.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Elevator Misdirection

Once a very long time ago at View Towers I got in an elevator to go up to my floor. I was about to press my floor’s button when a maintenance worker insisted that the elevator was going downward. This threw me off since the light was on the up arrow but I made the mistake of debating with him long enough to miss pressing my floor in time.  Consequently after (I think) a short travel upward, it did indeed start going down so I then had to wait for the elevator to go back down before going back up. And all because a maintenance guy got in an up elevator and insisted it was a down one.  Well, at least I made it eventually!

Anthropology Class and Disturbing Animal Videos at Northwest Community College

During my second year at college I was a bit limited in terms of needed electives, so I decided to take a couple anthropology classes, a first yer one and a second year one. The first issue class wasn’t too bad beyond a few issues with crtain classmates, but the second one was a bit hard for me to get through.

A number of the videos shown in the class had hunting scenes. I decided to look away at scenes where animals were getting killed.  That didn’t help that much really because there videos also had the animals’ death screams, so I still had a pretty horrifying experience.  In short that was my sole year taking any anthropology class.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We Forgive You for Our Mistake

Once at the University of Victoria library I was told I was being fined for a late book, which puzzled me because I was pretty sure I had returned it on time. I talked it over with the librarian and she was insistent that it hadn’t been returned.  I decided to check the shelf and promptly found the “unreturned” book and brought it over to her.  Instead of apologizing, she actually had the nerve to say, “The fine has been forgiven.”  At least I didn’t have to pay, but I was amazed that she was arrogant enough to forgive me for their mistake that was to my detriment, not theirs.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I was Columbus for a Few Seconds

In elementary school classes were supposed to do plays but the teacher wasn’t enthusiastic about it.  Eventually he relented and there was to be a play where Columbus was the titular character, albeit a walk-on. I thought it might be fun to play a famous character who only shows up for a few seconds, but at the end of the play, so I tried out for it.  There was heavy competition from another student (albeit one who hadn’t noticed it was a cameo) but in the end I won.  Alas, after the audition process the teacher lost interest again and it didn’t go any further, no rehearsals even.  But at least I won the part.