Wednesday, January 25, 2012

12 DC Properties that Would Make a Fun TV Series

For purposes of this list, in order to think outside the box, I’m ruling out those properties that have already had a series or pilot: Superman, Superboy, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Human Target, Birds of Prey, Aquaman.  I also left out Green Arrow because a pilot’s in the works. I considered Immoral Man or Resurrection Man, but I decided that a series about a guy who dies every episode would be on the fast track to cancellation.

1.      Deadman: Trapeze artist Boston Brand is killed but his spirit remains on Earth to seek out his killer with the help of his abilities to possess people’s bodies
2.      Dial “H” for Hero: A magical dial transforms its recipients into a different hero each time.  I’d probably go with the Chris King/Vicki Grant versions because of the character interplay
3.      Doom Patrol: A team of misfits who gained powers through accidents that made them seem like freaks to the general public. I’d go with the original team but make Elasti-Girl thinner when growing and fatter when shrinking in order to make her more of a misfit
4.      Eclipso: Heroic scientist Bruce Gordon must try to stop the evil and powerful Eclipso, who shares his body
5.      Elongaterd Man: Ralph Dibny solves mysteries with the aid of his stretching powers and good humoured wife Sue
6.      Hawk and Dove: Right wing Hank Hall and left wing Don Hall or Dawn Graingerer a strong left winger gain enhanced abilities; to maximize the drama, I’d probably have Don killed in the first episode and replaced by Dawn
7.      Hawkman and Hawkwoman: Carter and Sheira Hall fights crime with flight or medieval weapons. If you go the reincarnated royalty route you could have flashbacks to past lives; if you go the space police officers route you could have them learn our culture
8.      Jonah Hex: Drop the powers from the movie and just have him be a curmudgeonly gunfighter who follows the money
9.      Nemesis: Thomas Tressor tries to balance the scales of justice using disguises, with face masks that vaporize after he’s done with them
10.  Phantom Stranger and Doctor Thirteen: One is a supernatural being, the other is a ghost breaker who doesn’t believe in the supernatural; circumstances keep finding them on the same case.
11.  Spectre: Jim Corrigan dies and becomes a supernatural being with extreme ways of punishing the guilty
12.  War that Time Forgot: Soldiers fighting dinosaurs. Give the soldiers distinct personalities and make them aware of the strangeness of their situation

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