Friday, January 13, 2012

The Impossible 5 Chapter 2

Wallbreaker woke up to find himself on a field.  He was the first to wake up.  The other members of the Impossible 5, plus Token Woman and the Missile were also here. 

In the background there was a castle.  This probably meant they were in the past, though there were a few futures that had medieval looking castles as well, usually with mute knights who turned out to be robots.

Rita woke up next. She looked around.  “I think I’ve been here before.”  Oh oh.  Sometimes when she said things like that it was an early warning that her back story was about to change again.  Wallbreaker decided to try to deflect that line of thought with a joke. “You’ve been everywhere and every time,” he said.

Rita laughed.  “Yes, I guess I have at that.  I like the way you put things big guy.”

The others started to awake. Everyone instinctively started moving away from the Glowing Man.

 O’Canada said, “I fear you’ve been separated from your family, Token Woman.”

“That’s fine,” she replied.  “It’s always an honour to work with the Impossible 5.”

O’Canada turned to the Missile.  “I trust you can keep things non-lethal?”

The Missile nodded. “If it’s a robot it’s toast. Otherwise I’ll respect your wishes until this mission is over.”

“Fair enough for now,” O’Canada replied.

He turned to the Crack Heroine.  “Ready to get powered up?  We could use you to scout ahead.”

She shook her head.  “Sorry, OC.  I always keep a supply for emergencies but we’re pretty far from home and might be here awhile.  I’d better conserve my stash until we really need it.”

“Okay. Rita, Wallbreaker, and I, and especially Glowing Man aren’t very good for recon.  Missile and Token Woman, you can both fly.  Missile is faster but can’t shift direction very easily once he’s in motion. So…”

“I’m on it,” she replied.

As she flew off, Crack Heroine muttered, “Yay for the goody two-shoes.”

O’Canada replied, “She may be that, but she’s good at what she does. I’m honoured to have her with us.  Rita, can you maintain a telepathic link with her?” Rita nodded. 

Moments passed and then Rita said, “Uh oh. The Groovy Guys are here.”

Wallbreaker asked, “Uh, why is that bad news?” He had a sinking feeling he knew, but he was downplaying his intelligence still.

All the Groovy Guys, including the Blazer and another Token Woman, or rather Token Girl as she was called then.  Our Token Woman’s realized she been here before.  We have to be careful or else Token Woman will run into her own past self.”

“Uh, how far in the past?” asked the Glowing Man.

Rita paused as she checked with Token Woman. “Near the start of their career.”

“They probably still think I’m a villain, then,” said the Glowing Man.

O’Canada said, “Okay.  You’ll also need to also stay hidden. Well, as much as you can at least.  At least Token Woman should be able to tell us a fair bit about the castle.”

Token Woman arrived back. “I guess Rita’s already filled you in about the Groovy Guys.  We’re on Earth-X32B, in the year 912 AD.  The castle belongs to King Artor.  Not Arthur, Artor. He has a wizard named Meerlim.  All told we might not have picked the worst world to wind up in, as they’ll probably be able to send us back.  The problem is, they’ll probably ask us to perform some mission first.  We’ll need to get some items from them from the space-time continuum.  They see themselves as guardians of the multiverse and keep stashing stuff that’s dangerous to other worlds.”

O’Canada asked, “And how do we know that if we give them the items we won’t use them for evil themselves?”

“It’s a long story, but we did find proof that they are good, but you have a point.  We were suspicious at first. In fact our initial meeting didn’t go so well.”

With that the unconscious form of the younger Token Girl fell from the sky to the ground in front of them.  Rita looked at her and then turned to Token Woman and gasped.  “Your younger self is dying!”

To be continued in a week or less!

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