Monday, January 30, 2012

Impatient People at View Towers Elevators

At View Towers elevators there’s a couple fascinating recurring phenomena.  People will be waiting to go up.  An elevator will arrive letting people off, with the arrow pointing down.  Rather than letting the doors close and reopen, people will wait until the doors are about to close and then push them open again and charge in. This of course just results in the doors having to close and reopen an extra time, because the arrow will only point up once the door closes entirely (and even this this assumes it’s not going down to one of the parking levels).  So people consistently guarantee themselves a longer wait to get upstairs by pushing open doors that are about to reopen again anyway. 

A similar thing people do is sometimes they’re press the down and up buttons because they think the elevator will arrive sooner.  It doesn’t speed things up and when the elevator arrives it will usually show up first as the down elevator, thus meaning you have to wait for the doors to close and open again before it becomes the up elevator. 

The morale is, sometimes things go faster if you don’t try to speed things up.

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