Friday, January 20, 2012

The Impossible 5 Chapter 3

Looking at Token Girl’s unconscious form, Wallbreaker couldn’t help but notice how 1960s her hair looked.  That actually reminded him of something that was buigging him.  He had a vivid memory of buying a 1960s car at full price less than ten years ago.  And during a trip to the States he had a vivid memory of shaking hands with JFK, even though Bush Jr. was in power then. For that matter, JFK was dead before he was born. So why did he want to recall a meet with Bush as Kennedy?

O’Canada said to Token Woman, “I realize this must be hard on you, seeing your younger self like that.  But you need to tell us what you remember of this so we can avoid any time paradox.”

Token Woman’s face was white as a sheet as she tried not to look at her younger, bloodied self, though she found herself sneaking looks anyway.  “It was a long time ago, and I got hit pretty bad.  My item was on this world and a Cyclops flung a rock at me. It hit me in the head. I managed to flee and then… here’s where it gets pretty hard to remember. I was pretty dazed from the rock and the fall and… Crack Heroine, what are you doing?!?”

“Saving your life, duh!” Crack Heroine was injecting Token Girl with… Wallbreaker didn’t want to know what that stuff was, really.

Rita said, “I think there’s another reason why you were so dazed.”

Token Woman whimpered.  “I… guess this is what saved me.  I didn’t know before. Now I’m not sure I’m glad I know.”

O’Canada asked Crack Heroine, “Should I be worried?”

Crack Heroine shook her head. “She might have a few hallucinations, might have the urge to run around naked…”

“What?!?” exclaimed Token Woman

“Doesn’t happen to everyone.  But she’ll be fine.  She must or her older whiny self wouldn’t be here.”

Token Woman started to say something; Wallbreaker muttered to her, “Let it go; it’s probably what saved her.”

O’Canada said, “I’m sorry, Token Woman, but we really need to know. Do you recall seeing any of us?”

“I… I’m not sure. I was pretty dazed. And I think I did hallucinate, though I can’t recall what I hallucinated.  I may have seen some of you but I just remember a jumble of images. I do recall being found by Mr. Groovy a while later.”

“You’d best fly off before your younger self awakens anyway, to be safe. Rita, will you maintain a link again?”

“No problem,” Rita replied.  Token Woman flew off.

Token Girl started to stir.  She opened her eyes slightly in the Glowing Man’s general direction.  “That light…. am I dying?”

“Not anymore,” Wallbreaker replied, as Glowing Man slowly moved out of Token Girl’s line of vision.

Rita said, “Token Woman sees Mr. Groovy. He’s just taken out the Cyclops with his Groovinator and grabbed an artifact.”

O’Canada said, “Tell Token Woman to call out to him and pretend to fall nearby, out of Token Girl’s sight, but close. Do it quick before he notices she looks different.  Missile, do you have your net.”

“Yup.” He netted the other heroes and they quickly shot forward, out of range of where Token Girl and Mr. Groovy were. Token Woman joined them soon after.

“That was way too close,” she said.

“Whine whine whine,” said Crack Heroine.

Token Woman looked like she was going to say something else but instead said, “Thank you.”

“De nada. It’s my job.”

O’Canada said, “Should the rest of the team be out of the castle now?”

Token Woman  nodded.

“Okay. No time for subtlety.  Missile, take us there before then get back!”

As they reached the castle, there were grabbed by two bands of solid light.  “Oh, no,” said Token Woman. “It’s the Calamatic Clamps of Clovis!” The clamps took them inside the castle to the throne room.  King Artur and Meerlim were there. The king looked them over.  He said, “Well now, Token Girl, you’ve certainly grown a lot in the past couple of minutes!”

End part 3

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