Monday, January 23, 2012

200 Blog Posts in 200 Days

This is my 200th post since I’ve attempted to do the blog more or less daily.  Obviously there’s no way to do this perfectly (I posted extra times prior to longer trips to keep up) but this is indeed my 200th post in as many days.  It hasn’t always been easy to come up with things to say (one reason why I started going back to trivia lists and started reformatting some of my more interesting old e-mails such as trip reports).  Thankfully every so often some new oddball thing has come along to talk about and it’s been fun at times going back down memory lane whenever something jobs my nearly 41-year-old memory.  I do recommend people giving it a try. Certainly it keeps you on your toes if you have to come up with at least something to talk about every day for 200 days straight (or longer, since a full year has always been the main target).  My weekly fiction, a recent addition, will probably continue for now, if only because that way I only have to come up with non-fiction posts six times a week instead of seven.  Let me know how you’ve been finding these and if you have any suggestions.

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