Friday, February 3, 2012

The Impossible 5 Chapter 5

“I don’t know.  There’s a cottage in that direction.” She pointed right, though left looked exactly the same to Wallbreaker.  “There’s a nice couple there.  They’ll help us. Fortunately this world has randomly developed a language that is virtually identical to English.  The odds of something like this happening are incredible, but, well, it happens.”

“You know,” said Wallbreaker, “I was wondering. Maybe Dr. Magic’s foe the One Armed Head from the Purple Dimension comes from here.  We’re in a purple dimension for sure.”  Dr. Magic, born Marvin Magic, was the world’s greatest sorcerer.  A shame there was no way to alert him to the team’s troubles.

“Hmm,” said O’Canada. “Could be.  Our old foe Dr. Trouble described the One Armed Head’s world as being like this that time they teamed up.”  Dr. Trouble was a mad inventor named Terrence von Trouble.  Wallbreaker often wondered how their Doctor foes always seemed to have strange last names that no one else seemed to have and yet somehow described them perfectly.

It was getting dark, a darker purple.  Luckily the Glowing Man was helping to make what few surroundings there were visible.  Though it attempt at being reassuring (“Don’t worry, team and friends, I’m only glowing a fraction of what I could be.”) didn’t really make Wallbreaker feel much better. He was definitely going to have a check-up when they got back.

From the distance a cottage started to become visible.  It was a light… purple. Who would have guessed? But then a giant head with a hand on top of it started approaching the heroes. It was holding onto a rod. “@#$%!” said the Missile. “It’s the One-Armed Head from the Purple Dimension!”

The Missile flew after the head at full speed.  The head shot out a ray from the rod.  The Missile screamed as his skeleton appeared for a second, and then dust from his apparently disintegrated body fell to ground.  “Missile! No!” shouted Rita.  Everyone had a look of horror on their face.  Everyone except Token Woman.  She scowled but kept her calm, forming a protective force field around the rest of the heroes.

She looked at the others, starred longer at Wallbreaker and said, “You’ve figured it out, haven’t you? That’s the real reason you didn’t want to talk at the Blazer’s funeral.  And to thing everyone thinks you’re the dumb one.”  Oh my. Token Woman also knows?!?

“What the hell are you smoking, TW?” asked the Crack Heroine.

“The Missile can’t really die. None of can’t.”

“He sure looks dead to me!”

“We don’t have time for this at the moment,” said O’Canada.

“Agreed,” said Token Woman.

O’Canada said, “Glowing Man, glow as brightly as you can.  Token Woman, keep that shiekld up. Rita, blast him with your mind as hard as you can.  Give him a migraine.”

The one armed head started to scream.  The Crack Heroine took another tablet and then went after the Head before O’Canada could give the order.  She started kicked the head on the chin. “Oh well,” Said O’Canada. “Guess you might as well attack, Wallbreaker!”

Wallbreaker nodded , ran forward, and started punching the head. Some purple substance started coming out of the head’s nose. The head shot out its tongue.  Wallbreaker screamed at the acid qualities of the tongue.  O’Canada did a running leap and grabbed the rod. The Glowing Man concentrated his energies on the hand, causing the Head’s hand to let go.

“We have the first rod!” shouted O’Canada.

Rita turned towards the cottage. She saw faces in the window. “I'll be with you guys in a moment.” She started running towards the house.

But as she started running, Crack Heroine and Wallbreaker hit the Head simultaneously, and it fell unconscious.

Meerlim’s voice entered their heads. “First task completed.”

“No, wait!” should Rita.  But they all vanished.  Wallbreaker breathed a sigh of relief. Hopefully they heroes wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences of Rita’s new back story until after all this was over.

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