Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marvel Universe Style Entry on Captain Marvin

This is a write-up I did for another site on for a Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell version) parody called Captain Marvin, who once appeared in Marvel’s humour comic Not Brand Echh.  His sole appearance to date was reprinted in Essential Captain Marvel Vol. 1.

ALIASES: Wotta “Wott” Lawsuit
IDENTITY:  Secret on Earth; known to the Kreep government
OCCUPATION: Astronaut, spy, nuclear physicist
CITIZENSHIP: Kreeps, Reality-665
PLACE OF BIRTH: Unrevealed; presumably Kreeps’ homeworld, Reality-665
GROUP AFFILIATION: Unidentified team of Kreeps under Colonel Egg-Nogg’s command
EDUCATION: Apparently Kreep military training including combat and nuclear physics
FIRST APPEARANCE: Not Brand Echh #9 (1968)

Kreep Captain Mar-Vinn, under the command of Colonel Egg-Nogg, arrived on Earth on a top secret mission to obtain scrap metal.  Under unrevealed circumstances he took on the heroic identity of Captain Marvin.  He also usurped the identity of nuclear physicist, Wotta Lawsuit, who had been killed in a ferryboat collision at Fort Mudge.  After spotting a Scent-ry (a Kreep robot) he contacted Egg-Nogg, admitting he could no longer recall his mission.  Egg-Nogg declined to remind him, claiming he wished to keep his own mind uncluttered to deal with other matters.  Mar-Vinn located the only phone booth in the county and changed back to Lawsuit, a process that took a couple of hours.  As Lawsuit, he arrived at the military base the Cape, aka the C*p* for the first time, where he was briefly interrogated by security head Clairol Dandruff.  This interrogation was interrupted by the now rampaging Scent-ry, and Mar-Vinn dashed back to the phone booth and, apparently much more quickly, changed back to Captain Marvin to deal with the robot.  During the fight he placed a long distance phone call (this time using the phone from the phone booth) to Egg-Nogg, who once again declined to provide assistance.  Remembering his ultimate weapon, Mar-Vinn, projected home movies, which horrified the Scent-ry but compelled it to watch them anyway.  Mar-Vinn recalled his mission and proceeded to dismantle the Scent-ry.

HEIGHT: 6’2” EYES: Blue
WEIGHT: 220 lbs. HAIR: Silver

Mar-Vinn has demonstrated superhuman strength, speed (fast enough to keep just ahead of a giant robot), and durability.  He has oversized binoculars, a wrist communicator which he uses to contact his mothership (but which also picks up radio signals from other sources and apparently requires money to use), a boot that can trip giant-sized beings (the boot resembles an ordinary boot but Mar-Vinn claims it is in fact a weapon), a screwdriver-like device, a shovel, and an “ultimate weapon” that plays home movies.  He carries additional equipment whose purpose is as yet unrevealed.  He keeps his equipment and change of clothes in a large sack; it’s possible that this sack shrinks some items when not in use to fit inside the sack.  His spacesuit has a badge whose text is constantly changing.

Power Grid:
Intelligence: 1
Strength: 4
Speed: 4
Durability: 4
Energy Projection: 1
Fighting Skills: 3

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