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National (DC) Serial Actors 1946-1948 (Hop Harrigan, Vigilante, Congo Bill): Where are They Now?

National (DC) Serial Actors 1946-1948: Where are They Now?

LAST UPDATED August 31, 2015. Specific titles noted only for 2014-on. Information derived from the imdb. * = newly added name.

Note: Fawcett and Quality characters later acquired by DC are covered here:

The following serials have been splintered off into their own entries to give them more expanded coverage:

Batman (1943)

Superman (1948)

Batman and Robin (1949)

Atom Man vs. Superman (1950)

Hop Harrigan: America’s Ace of the Airways (1946)
Only credited cast members listed. = Newly added name.
William Bakewell (Hop Harrigan): died in 1993.
Jennifer Holt (Gail Nolan): died in 1997.
Robert “Buzz” Henry (Jackie Nolan): died in 1971.
Sumner Getchell (Tank Taylor): died in 1990.
Emmett Vogan (Arnold): died in 1969.
Claire James (Gwen Arnold): died in 1986.
John Merton (Dr. Tobor): died in 1959.
Wheeler Oakman (Alex Ballard): died in 1949.
Ernie Adams (Retner): died in 1947.
Peter Michael (Mark Craven): died in 1986.
Terry Frost (Barry): died in 1993.
Anthony Warde (Edwards): died in 1975.
* Jackie Moran (Fraser): died in 1990.
* Bobby Stone (Grey): died in 1977.
* Jack Buchanon (Deputy Sheriff): last known acting role in 1950.
* Jim Diehl (Carter): died in 1973.
* Jack Ingram (Lt. Riley): died in 1969.
* Jack Rockwell (First Sheriff): died in 1946.
* Tiny Brauer (Hunter): died in 1990.

The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West (1947)
Only credited cast and initial uncredited cast noted.
Ralph Byrd (Vigilante): died in 1952.
Ramsay Ames (Betty Winslow): died in 1998.
Lyle Talbot (George Pierce): died in 1996.
George Offerman Jr. (Stuff): died in 1963.
Robert Barron (Prince Hamil): died in 1958.
Hugh Prosser (Capt. Reilly): died in 1952.
Jack Ingram (Silver / X-2): died in 1969.
Eddie Parker (Doc / X-3): died in 1960.
Tiny Brauer (Thorne, a.k.a. X-9): died in 1990.
Uncredited Cast:
* Ted Adams (Hamid): died in 1973.
* Baynes Barron (2nd Cop): died in 1980.
* Lane Bradford (Andy): died in 1973.
* Jack Chefe (Andre / Headwaiter): died in 1975.
* George Chesebro (Walt): died in 1959.
* Edmund Cobb (Miller a.k.a. X-7): died in 1974.  

Congo Bill (1948)
All known cast members noted.
Don McGuire (Congo Bill): died in 1999
Cleo Moore (Lureen/Ruth Culver): died in 1973
Jack Ingram (Cameron): died in 1969
I. Stanford Jolley (Bernie MacGraw): died in 1978
Leonard Penn (Andre Bocar): died in 1975
Nelson Leigh (Dr. Greenaway): died in 1985
Charles King (Kleeg): died in 1957.
Armida (Zalea): died in 1989.
Hugh Prosser (Morelli): died in 1952.
Neyle Morrow (Kahla): died in 2006.
Fred Graham (Villabo): died in 1979.
Rusty Wescoatt (Ivan): died in 1987.
Anthony Warde (Rogan): died in 1975.
Stephen Carr (Tom MacGraw): died in 1986.
Uncredited Cast:
* William Fawcett (Blinky): died in 1974.
* Mel Koontz (Mel - assistant lion tame): died in 1992.
* Frank Lackteen (Nagu, Witch Doctor): died in 1968.
* Knox Manning (Narrator): died in 1980.
* Frank O'Connor (Frank, Cafe Clerk): died in 1959.
* Eddie Parker (Torturer): died in 1960.
* Stanley Price (Nagu's Friend): died in 1955.
* Wally West (Circus Henchman): died in 1984.

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