Sunday, February 26, 2012

Collisions at Quadra and Fort

Every so often, despite the street light, there will be a collision at Quadra and Fort in Victoria, near where I live, though interestingly these collisions never seem to happen when a power outage turns the street lights off. 

This morning I was watching the movie Gamebox 1.0, a movie when some action in it, when I heard a crashing sound that didn’t seem to be coming from my speakers (that there were no cars in the scene I was watching was also a telltale clue). Either a truck crossing Fort had run a red light or a van crossing Quadra had done so, resulting in the collision. Interesting contrast since the truck was white and the van was black.  There were no ambulances so apparently no one was hurt too badly.

More surreal was that of the time in 2010 a car drove through a red light on Fort St, same intersection, and actually crashed into a police van, putting two female police officers into the hospital.  When I saw this I quickly realized that the van had to be what was hit because I heard the crash, could only find one car that wasn't a police car, and noticed that the police van was there too soon after it happened not to have been what was hit. Not sure what happened to the police officers but if the driver of the car was smart, she would have plead guilty since the courts would be unlikely to be sympathetic.

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