Thursday, February 16, 2012

Non-National Superhero Serial Actors: Where are They Now?

LAST UPDATED November 10, 2015. Specific titles noted only for 2013-on. Information derived from the imdb. Only credited cast noted.

The following serials have been splintered off into their own entries to give them more expanded coverage:

Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941) (based on Fawcett series)

Captain America (1944) (based on the Timely series)

The Phantom (1943) (based on the newspaper strip)

Not part of the original post:
Green Hornet (1940) (based on a radio show)

Spy Smasher (1942) (based on Fawcett series)
Note: The TV Movie Spy Smasher Returns is a one hour version of this serial, thus same cast.
Kane Richmond (Spy Smasher): died in 1973.
Marguerite Chapman (Eve Corby): died in 1999.
Sam Flint (Adm. Corby): died in 1980.
Hans Schumm (The Mask): died in 1990.
Tristram Coffin (Drake): died in 1990.
Franco Corsaro (Capt. Pierre Durand): died in 1982.
Hans von Morhart (Capt. Gerhardt): last known acting role in 1966; likely deceased (born 1896) but unable to confirm.
Georges Renavent (Gov. LeComte): died in 1969.
Rudolph Anders (Dungeon Col. Von Kohr): died in 1987.
Henry Zynda (Ritter Lazar): died in 1961.
Paul Bryar (Lawlor): died in 1985.
Tom London (Crane): died in 1963
Richard Bond (Henchman Hayes): died in 1989.
Crane Whitley (Hauser): died in 1958.
John James (Henchman Steve): died in 1960.

Captain Midnight (1942) (based on radio show and Fawcett series)
Dave O’Brien (Captain Midnight): died in 1969.
Dorothy Short (Joyce Edwards): died in 1963.
James Craven (Ivan Shark): died in 1955.
Sam Edwards (Chuck Ramsey): died in 2004.
Guy Wilkerson (Icky Mudd): died in 1971.
Bryant Washburn (John Edwards): died in 1963.
Luana Walters (Fury Shark): died in 1963.
Joe Girard (Major Steel): died in 1949.
George Pembroke (Dr. James Jordan): died in 1972.
Chuck Hamilton (Martel): died in 1978.
Al Ferguson (Gardo): died in 1971.

Blackhawk: Fearless Champion of Freedom (1952) (based on the Quality series)
Kirk Alyn (Blackhawk): died in 1999.
Carol Forman (Laska): died in 1997.
John Crawford (Chuck): died in 2010.
Michael Fox (Mr. Case/The Leader): died in 1996.
Don Harvey (Olaf): died in 1963.
Rich Vallin (Stan/Boris): died in 1977.
Larry Stewart (Andre): died in 1997.
Weaver Levy (Chop Chop): last known acting role in 1981, then 1970 before that.
Zon Murray (Bork): died in 1979.
Nick Stuart (Cress): died in 1973.
Marshall Reed (Aller): died in 1980.
Pierce Lyden (Dyke): died in 1998.
William Fawcett (Dr. J. Rolph): died in 1974.
Rory Mallinson (Hodge): died in 1976.
Frank Ellis (Henrikson): died in 1969.

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