Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Concrete Frog in Backyard

This being a leap year day I thought I would talk about a frog that was always in my backyard growing up in Kitimat. Ironically even though it represented something that can leap, this particular frog could not. In fact put it in the water and it would sink like a stone. 

Basically when my family moved into our first Kitimat place, where we stayed most of the time, we inherited from the previous owners a concrete frog in the backyard.  Light green, very heavy. There was a piece missing from before we got the place (a leg I think). I saw it nearly every day I lived there and it almost seemed like an old friend even though it was never alive.  We never moved it except to feel how heavy it was, so it was something you could always count on being there.

Eventually we moved to another place and I wanted to take it with us but my parents declined due to the weight.  It would be nice to think it’s still there, being passed from owner to owner. I tried checking on Google Earth but it’s probably too high up. Also there’s some shadowing and there seems to be something new in the backyard, maybe a garden. So hard to say. If it’s not there I hope it’s still out there somewhere being passed along from home owner to home owner.

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