Monday, February 20, 2012

Manhole Injury and Broken Camera

Adapted with modifications from a letter sent to the City of Victoria to try to get a broken camera reimbursed: On Sunday April 17, 2011 I was running along Blanshard St between North Park & Caledonia when I tripped and fell to the ground. My right arm and right leg took much of the damage. While I was not taking photos at the time I tripped, my camera was in hand at the time, and thus hit the ground hard. After impact, the zoom was between the off and on positions and battery section had opened. I put the battery back in I tried turning it on; it made a grinding sound and did not turn on. Attempts to manipulate the zoom also failed. I looked behind me and saw that my fall was the result of an open manhole with no cones or other warning indicators.

As I was getting up a City of Victoria truck pulled up. The City worker said that he didn’t know why anyone would have taken the manhole. I told him that my camera was broken; he told me that I could file a claim with the City. He started to belatedly put up cones and other warning indicators; I later returned to the site and confirmed he had completed this, but by that point the damage had been done. I remained in a state of shock for the next three hours.

I phoned Claims the following day and was told to include an estimate for a replacement camera as well as photos of the destroyed camera. On Tuesday April 19, I visited my doctor. He didn’t think my injuries warranted any further examination at the time, but left the door open for me to revisit him should additional complications arise. He indicated that a higher number than usual patients have visited him lately due to injuries from open manholes. 2012 update: I submitted the above with evidence of the camera not being able to be turned on. However, because the manhole was stolen and not removed by the city and because they did replace the cover, I wasn’t reimbursed anything for the camera.

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