Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ron Jeremy and Me

I saw ads that porn star Ron Jeremy was going to be doing a show in Langford (talking about her career, of course, not doing any pornographic acts), and so I bought some tickets and brought along some non-porn movies he’d been in (he’s been in some mainstream and B movies).  At the night club he was a no-show for that day so everyone with tickets was allowed in free, plus permitted to keep the tickets.

The show got rescheduled for the same day as a wedding of people I knew, but I didn’t get invited to the wedding so I went ahead with the Ron Jeremy show as a sort of consolation prize. Basically the area where he would appear was a space in the middle of the floor so people could see any acts from either side of the floor. A person there pretended to want to chat with me but I later realized he was probably working there and noticed I was nursing my drinks, and the chat was to ensure I got another one. There was also some strange dancers called the Grinder Girls who wore metal plates on their chest and had buzz-saws hit the chest plates to produce sparks.

A fully dressed Ron Jeremy finally appeared and did a fun stand-up act. I was able to get the DVDs autographed in the photo line-up and also got a photo of myself and him. I’ve since learned that maybe celebrities charge for autographs but he only charged for the photo.  People in line were impressed that I had gotten the autographs despite the movies not being porn (perhaps that actually made the autographs more impressive). One or two did smudge a bit so I put clear tape on them when I got home to preserve the signatures.

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