Wednesday, February 8, 2012

In Search of a 110 Negative Scanner

Over the weekend I bought a scanner that was supposed to scan in 110 negatives.  It only took a photo of the strip despite being set to colour negatives, and cut off the edges of previously developed photos I scanned. 

Monday I tried various stores.  Most of them, with younger sales clerks, were unfamiliar with 110 film and asked how it compared to regular film (apparently not realizing that before 35 mm it was regular film).  In one case I explained a couple of times that it was 16mm.  Even so he held out his hands guessing that it was fairly large; I put my fingers closer together to indicate the actually size. I also deadpanned that it was about half the size of 35 mm film, but I think he missed my assessment of his math skills. Another place had a scanner that in theory might have worked, but it was too similar to that scanner that I returned that also in theory worked (no specific holder for that kind of film).  The search continues…

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