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Seattle Trip 2007 Updates

I've made updates to my previous Seattle Trip 2007 reports.  The updates are within the reports themselves, but for people who only want to see the new material, it's included in this post.

Note: I previously included updates on my editing. To save same, from here on in, only true updates and more notable corrections noted, not more general corrections.

Seattle Trip 2007 Day 1 Tuesday July 24

[original paragraph 17]
I bought a couple DVDs at Swerve.

[UPDATE December 23, 2012: Swerve has since closed down.]

Seattle Trip 2007 Day 2 Wednesday July 25

[8th “NOW” paragraph]
[NOW: The bus downtown was the number 5. I still want to attempt to cross Aurora Bridge someday.]

[UPDATE December 23, 2012: The 5 bus was Metro Transit.]

Seattle Trip 2007 Day 3 Thursday July 26

[original paragraph 2]
I slept a bit better than the night before but it was very humid at night despite the loud air conditioner.  Hope Youth Hostel International reopens soon as my sleep situation isn't helping. Not long after I got outside my camera quit entirely.  I went to City Wide Concierge to get a daypass, about getting to Bellevue without using express transit (different company, not covered by pass) and about getting a new film camera since I had too many rolls of film to go digital just yet.  That and I felt too tired to learn new tech.  They directed me to Rite Aid (no film cameras there except one-use types) and they directed me somewhere else without telling me it wasn't open yet.  Another drug store insisted that nowhere that could help me was open yet, annoying since I was losing time).

[UPDATE December 23, 2012: City Wide Concierge is located in Washington State Convention Center.]

[2nd NOW paragraph]
[NOW: I switched busses in a transit exchange in Kirkland.]

[UPDATE December 23, 2012: this transit exchange is Kirkland Transit Center. I haven’t been there since that day.]

Seattle Trip 2007 Day 4 Friday July 27

[2nd NOW paragraph]
[NOW: I’m referring to Swerve.]

[UPDATE December 23, 2012: Swerve has since closed down.]

[original paragraph 14]
I explored some stores at Pike Place Market walked south a bit, and searched for the Elliott Bay Water Taxi, which I forgot to write the location of (I had a choice of saving $1 or getting the taxi sooner; I chose the latter).  The first place I checked proved to be the right dock.  The water taxi is basically a small ferry, like the Seabus in Vancouver but with an upper outdoor level and very few seats inside.

[UPDATE December 23, 2012]: The Elliott Bay Water Taxi is now called the King County Water Taxi.]

Seattle Trip 2007 Day 5 Saturday July 28

[original paragraph 6]
Then I took a bus I hoped went to Columbia City.  It did luckily. Not much to speak of.  Columbia Plaza is mostly shops divided cubicle-like.  A book store nearby had a surprising number of New Universe comics (a failed 1980s line).  Then I went to Subway for lunch just to have a receipt for a place most tourists don't visit.

[UPDATE December 23, 2012: I can’t recall which bus number I took; however, this bus and the ones in the next paragraph were definitely Metro Transit.

[3rd NOW paragraph]
[NOW: Sadly Wedes has announced that he will no longer be doing public appearances as J.P. due to failing health. Newman has already retired for health reason.]

[UPDATE December 23, 2012: Chris Wedes passed away in July 22 of this year. Prior to his death he did appear one last time at J.P. Patches for the December 2011 special J.P. Patches: Last Night at the City Dump, a combination of clips from his show and new material during a telethon. It aired on KCTS-9, a PBS affiliate.]

Seattle Trip 2007 Day 6 Sunday July 29

[4th NOW paragraph]
[NOW: The Seafair and regular markets were the Seafair Seafoodfest and the Ballard Farmer's Market, respectively. I think in 2011 the Seafoodfest was done outside of Seafair.]

[UPDATE December 23, 2012: The move of Seafoodfest out of Seafair seems to be a permanent change.]

Seattle Trip 2007 Day 7 Monday July 30

[3rd NOW paragraph]
[NOW: Sadly Underdawg Records has since closed down. I probably bought Tales from the Crypt at Swerve given my Emmy reference, as that’s where I bought USA Network’s Emmy submission from.]

[UPDATE December 23, 2012: Swerve has since closed down as well.]

Seattle Trip 2007 Day 8 Tuesday July 31

[original paragraph 3]
Well, the last day I literally hit the ground running: I woke up at 5:53 to discover that my watch alarm hadn't beeped.  The ferry was to leave at 6:10.  Pure adrenalin must be credited with my being able to launder bedding (I might have torn whatever you call that thing some places put on top of mattresses under sheets; hope not), trade my keycard for my $20 deposit, and lug bags seeming to weigh about as much as me to the ferry.  I was so rushed, the $20 deposit never left my hand and was used to pay for the ferry ticket.

[UPDATE December 23, 2012: The ferry was a Washington State Ferries one, and the ferry terminal Seattle Ferry Terminal.]

[original paragraph 4]

On the ride to Bainbridge I took sunrise picks.  Perhaps not as romantic as it sounds because of the sun itself but I probably still got some side shots to the sides of the sun.  In a few cases I let my hand be in the photo so it would block the sun.

[UPDATE December 23, 2012: The ferry arrival location was Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal.]

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