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Seattle & Friends Trip Summer 2012 Day 10 Tuesday August 1

This is the tenth of a series of posts dealing with my ninth and most recent trip to Seattle as adult. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports.  What little updates there are are indicated by “NOW” in brackets.

I keep remembering stuff after the fact this trip. Sun when I visited Easy St Records I also visited just before or after Mercer St Books, which used to be a Twice Sold Tales until it became cat-less

Now (all buses today Metro Transit):

Found out last night that someone stole my beer that was in the fridge as well as someone else's. Will try to only buy beer on the last day so I can skip the fridge.

[NOW: It’s also possible that the bag’s label wasn’t spotted by the cleaners.]

Had a brief spurt of energy this morning and looking into putting the three towns I jettisoned (Woodinville, Kirkland, Duvall) back on the itinerary, but the timings weren't working for me.  Also I partly paid my VISA so I don't max out.

Walked along 1st to the Hammering Man statue (the mobile arm works every day except labor Day), then went down the Harbor Steps and walked along the waterfront to the Pioneer Square District.  The old Elliott Bay Book Company location is still empty.  Wanted to visit Waterfall Garden Park but it wasn't yet open.  Taking advantage of what remains of the Ride Free Area time, I took the 134 then 24 buses to the hostel and had breakfast.  I then took the 5 bus, which this time didn't arrive 70 minutes late, getting off at Woodland Park Zoo.

Someone else in line was stalled by a credit card payment so I opted to pay by cash (and a coupon I had). I was also given a token to vote on preservation priorities but no one said I had to do so, so I kept the token.  I started on the west side and worked by way up north and then to the east side, the reason being that the southwest side is the least interesting area with a few exceptions so I wanted to save the best for later.  I won't list every animal I saw but here's a sampling: The red panda is usually shy but this time was running around. The jaguar was passed out. Lots of penguins, one in particular a ham, doing water acrobatics near the window.  all told it was shaping up to be a great visit to the zoo.

Then I decided to visit the snow leopard, which is a beautiful animal. I have no idea if it was around though because outside the display was/were one or two very obvious snow leopard pelts. The head had the facial expression that only death brings.  I understand that there was some sort of reason for this and that of course the zoo didn't harm any of their animals. But I felt completely nauseous at the gruesome sight and my anxiety went way up. I later thought that might be a separate window so tried again but it turned out to be the same place so I got greeted by the carcass sight a second time. I complained to a staff memb3er who said they'd pass it along.

The rest of the zoo trip I went through the motions but my heart was no longer in it. I did get some decent shots of white wolves, meerkats, and komodo dragons, but my goal was now to get all the shots I needed and then leave.  On my way out I visited information and told them politely why I likely would not be coming back and that if I did the dead snow leopard skin(s) had to be gone. I acknowledged I understood that some people find that sort of thing interesting but pointed out that people for all walks of life come to the zoo and that for some like myself that's not something acceptable to see, especially with no warning.

I took the 44 bus to the University District, had lunch at a Subway, and then took the 30 bus to Warren G. Magnuson Park.

I walked east through the off leash area to Lake Washington, passing Sound Garden, the basis of the band along the way. The latter is actually separate from the park proper in a government place but
visible from the park; no sound at this point. I walked south to the main beach where I had a swim and a nap. i walked back north to the off leash area and then headed back west. This time Sound Garden's pipes were making sound. I also visited a community garden which told dogs what to tell their owners about etiquette.

I took the 75 bus to the University of Washington and from there the 49 bus to Capitol Hill. I'll visit that in greater depth Thursday. I did buy a bunch of DVDs at Broadway Video (formerly Broadway *Market* Video until their recent move onto Broadway Ave E . I also visited the pop machine with the mystery buttons, hoping I wouldn't get another cherry drink. It was a 10 calorie version of Dr Pepper; sigh.

I took the 8 bus to Seattle Center. I got another "choose your toppings" pizza at Mod Pizza and then relaxed a while at the International Fountain. I bought more DVDs at the nearby branches of Silver platters and Easy Street Records, then a brief return to the Fountain.

Heading back to the hostel, I noticed that Belltown Video was gone, alas.

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