Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Tradition Growing Up in Kitimat

In Kitimat we usually used an artificial tree (one year we used a real one we were still vacuuming pine needles in November the following year; besides which it just felt off without that particular artificial tree). At first my parents set it up but as I got older I preferred to set it up myself; the “branches” were colour coded where the pieces went into the slots so it wasn’t too difficult.  On Christmas morning I would usually get up before my parents. The presents were to be left unwrapped but there was a Christmas stocking full of stuff like oranges, nuts another small things, plus a larger think unwrapped would sometimes be out; just enough to occupy me until my parents were awake. We’d have breakfast and then do the unwrapping. The morning actually was the part I recall the most. I seem to recall there was Christmas dinner as well but really the mornings were what stuck with me. I’d play with whatever toys my parents got me but and I think we’d play Christmas music, but nothing all that interesting happened after 9 am or so. Still the mornings were fun, more so for the anticipation of the presents and the unwrapping than often what I usually got. My one regret now is having Asperger’s, if a present didn’t grab me, it was hard for me to hide it. I think I actually enjoyed watching my parents unwrap their presents I got them more than the actual presents I received. As an adult I’d probably be more appreciative of the effort they made in trying to get something nice for me but I didn’t quite have a good poker face as a kid.

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