Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seattle & Friends Trip Summer 2012 Day 12 Thursday August 2

This is the twelfth of a series of posts dealing with my ninth and most recent trip to Seattle as adult. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports.  What little updates there are, are indicated by “NOW” in brackets.

I walked to the new Target and actually did a first even for me: bought a couple DVD sets before 7:10 am (Six Million Dollar Man season 1, Bionic Woman season 3). Then I visited Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market, then walked down to the waterfront and got some close up photos of the new Ferris wheel (Seattle Great Wheel); still no interest in riding but it does change the waterfront landscape to me sure.  There was a statue of Christopher Columbus so I took shots that make him look surprised at the Great Wheel.  Also photographed a sea themed art piece whose name escapes me. I crossed the Bell St Bridge and returned to the hostel for breakfast.

Heading back downtown I revised the Convention Center and Jim Ellis Freeway Park.  As with last time most of the Park's fountains were off but I did find one working.  "Kites" are still there.  Heading up First Hill on Pine St E, I bought the cheesy bad 1980 Flash Gordon movie from Capitol Loans.  Arriving in Capitol Hill I wanted to visit Everyday Music, one of the first stores in the area open before 10 but couldn't find it. I passed the Jimi Hendrix statue plus construction for a light rail line to the University to open in 2016.  I walked to the pop machine with the mystery buttons and pushed the lower right one.  Thankfully I got a strawberry pop, not a cherry one this time.  I went to Broadway Video and found out that Everyday Music was actually across the street from its previous location.

I went there next (its fourth location since I first started doing these visits in 2006), then visited Elliott Bay Book Company across the street.  I visited the sole remaining Twice Sold Tales and photographed all three kitties there. As with most my trips this being the last day the Blue Angels planes were performing?/practicing? and I had to wait a bit to pet the 3rd cat, after the planes had gone by.

I bought an autographed b-movie at Half Price Books and then walked to Third Man Video, which was closing down. The store was 20 minutes late opening because the I-5 was closed due to the Blue Angels. Oddly different genres were being sold at different prices so I focused on the horror section, my favourite of the $4.99 sections (I passed on the cult, documentary and foreign sections, all $9.99). More delays because scratches had to be removed from I think all but one.

[NOW: I believe that Third Man is in fact closed now.]

I walked to Barnes & Nobles at Park Place (security wanted to deactivated the security on the DVDs purchased earlier).  I also visited the scrap metal penguin.  An ACLU rep talked with me. I offered morale support but he wanted money.  I went to the Pioneer Square District and got another DVD from Barney's Loans, then visited the Waterfall Garden Park, a closed off, well, waterfall park about the size of a store.

Heading back downtown I went to Pike Place Market (visited the First & Pike News, fishmongers - didn't see any fish tossed, Lamplight Books, BLMF Books, Holy Cow Records).  Heading north I visited the Chief Sealth statue in Belltown and then had lunch at the sports motif McDonald's across from Seattle Center (four poles inside, one each with footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, baseballs).  I went a few hours at the International Fountain.

I visited Silver Platters (bought DVDs) and Easy Street Records one more time before dinner to go at Dick's Drive In, which I took back to the fountain.  I considered going to the Museum of Flight, which is having free evening admission, but I was tired, it was nice out, and I am running low on photos again.

I packed my stuff for tomorrow and then went to the nearby convenience store again. A'jhang I think it's called.

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