Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Homemade Christmas Card

Here's what I did this year for homemade Christmas cards that I gave to local friends.

[name of friend]!

12 DON’TS for this Christmas: Don’t…
  1. Open fire on someone for saying Happy Holidays/ Happy Hannukah/Happy Life Day instead of Merry Christmas
  2. Run over people during Christmas shopping (no longer necessary with online shopping)
  3. Assume that everyone will agree that Die Hard is a Christmas movie just because it’s set at Christmas
  4. Make people watch Frosty the Snowman for the ninth year in a row if they threaten to jump out a window
  5. Play your five favourite Christmas songs in an endless loop
  6. Get upset that the book you ordered from Australia December 21 didn’t arrive in time for Christmas
  7. Get drunk at a Christmas party and tell your boss what they can do with that Christmas bonus
  8. Unfriend someone on Facebook upon opening their gift (unless it’s in extremely poor taste)
  9. Give someone a gift in poor taste, like a kidney stone
  10. Tell everyone why 2013’s Christmas shopping season should start Easter Monday
  11. Make your parents spend Xmas Day in the kitchen
  12. Ask for the receipt immediately upon opening a gift.

But do have a great day and get well rested. You’ll need all your energy for Boxing Day!  Take care!


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