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Seattle & Friends Trip Summer 2012 Day 11 Wednesday August 2

This is the eleventh of a series of posts dealing with my ninth and most recent trip to Seattle as adult. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports.  What little updates there are, are indicated by “NOW” in brackets.

Holes in my shoes now (they were first worn late June) but I think I can still use them until the end of the trip at least.

Had a bath last night and used a little trick: they don't have plugs in the tubs here, normally requiring showers, so this time I bought my own plugs.

Today walked down to Pike Place Market and saw Rachel the Pig, then continued further south.  The former site of the Lusty Lady has an ad for stores to move in, but the ads been cleverly phrased as the location looking for a romantic relationship with someone.  Arundel Books is gone.

[NOW: Actually just relocated.]

Passed Occidental Park (all concrete, no vegetation; also passed here yesterday). They have new art there this year, resembling the frames of cubes.

I walked down to CenturyLink Field, the renamed Qwest Field, apparently referred to now as the CLink by locals.  Kingdome Deli near the field continues to operate.  There's a new building going up nearby.  The north entrance to the field is now fenced off so you can no longer climb the stairs for a view.  Walked past Safeco Field immediately south of the CLink and then wandered to the international District.

Visited Hing Pay Park (also concrete, but has a distinctively Asian theme) and walked past Uwajamaya Village and then reached International Station, part of the Ride Free area.

I took the Central Link (light rail; Sound Transit) to Westlake Center and then took the 16 bus (Metro Transit) most of the rest of the way to the hostel, dodging some of the considerable amount of construction happening around town during the one block walk from the stop to the hostel, and had breakfast.

[NOW: The above was written in the morning; the rest I wrote in the evening.]

For this part of the day, all buses Metro Transit

After breakfast I walked back to Westlake Station, Downtown Transit Tunnel and took the 71 to the University of Washington. No window seats left so I didn't take many photos on the bus.  At the university I wandered to Drumheller Fountain.  I then walked from the university proper to University Village.  I went to the mini fountain with statues of frogs and turtles spitting at each other.  This trip I looked up the name: Water Frolic.  Not to be confused by Water Break, a tiny water stream fountain nearby.  There was construction where Barnes & Noble used to be; the Johnny Rockets I ate at last year was also gone. I went to the Stonehenge like fountain but couldn’t find a name for it.

I left the village and main my way to a bus stop to catch the 44; for some reason even though the bus didn't go downtown the driver wanted people to pay as he exited. For some reason the driver left at one point to have a chat with a departing passenger but they seemed to part on friendly terms. I got off the bus at the 7-11 near the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks in Ballard.  I also visited the Fish Ladder again.  I walked to Moviecycle. This time they were selling their stuff for 50% off, not 40%; got some more. I had lunch again at the Ballard Burger King. The sign said that 12 oz Icees were $0.00 but that proved to be an error; darn.

I got on a 44 bus heading back east. I got off at Stone Way, I think the start of the Wallingford District, a little earlier than planned: on a whim I had decided to visit an oddities shop I had heard about for years called Archie McPhee's. I bought a JP Patches action figure there.  Then I made my way to Wallingford Ave and went down that street past the Wallingford Steps with their zodiac design to Gas Works Park.  I don't think I've adequately described the park this trip:m an industrial complex with an excellent view of the city from the north end of Lake Union has been converted to a park. Some of the old complex is still there.

I stayed there a while and then made my way to Fremont again. This time I actually got right up to the troll statue and touched it, then visited the JP Patches & Gertrude and Waiting for the Interurban statues.  I grabbed a free Seattle Weekly that had a short tribute to JP and then walked past the Fremont Rocket to the giant Lenin statue. I only caught a glimpse of the Center of the Universe signpost (with directions to near and far, real and fictional places) because I was dashing to the bus stop.  Not sure if my camera caught the sign. A van blocked it for a bit.  

I took the 31 bus thinking it might have a comparable route to the 30 but it was going the wrong way so after crossing the Fremont Bridge and waiting forever for a light I got off and switched to a 17 bus. I got off that bus by Mercer St, planning to walk to Seattle Center, but then the South Lake Union trolley came by (because it was briefly called the South Lake Union Streetcar locals call it the S-L-U-T); I had hoped to get to that at some point so I rode the, uh, trolley downtown.  I took some photos of the downtown area from the Food Court at Westlake Center (on an upper floor) and then visited Zanadu Comics.  I then took the 1 bus to Seattle Center, passing through the Seattle Center Armory which is not Center House even though the location is the same and the layout is very close to the old Center House. I spent some time at the International Fountain.

At dinner time I wne to the "I can't believe it's not Center House" to a pie place to get a cheeseburger pie, but you couldn't get it without mustard, so I left Seattle Center and went to Dick's on Queen Anne.

The menu option I wanted you also couldn't hold anything, but I did find something else I wanted anyway. It's cheap, fast, and tasty there.  I went back to the Fountain where they were setting things up for some sort of projection test. I realized this might take a while so I went to Pike Place Market, passing the Chief Sealth statue (considered Seattle's founder) en route; also the glassblowing show that had glass flows outside as well as glass wrapped around a real tree. The newsstand (First & Pike News) didn't have as I'd hoped any weekly Seattle magazine pay tribute to JP.  I wandered the market a bit more, visiting Rachel the Pig and checking out a small shop of fantasy collectibles called Orange Dracula (the name alone lured me in).  Heading back north, on a whim I visited Dan's Belltown Grocery because it had DVDs and actually bought one.

Back at the fountain it turned out that the projection was apparently for sound, not light (if the former, not until after I left). A puppy was there playing fetch. Once it struggled to get the ball because it didn't want to be sprayed with water. Another time a little girl gave the dog the ball so every other time the dog waited for a human to pass or throw the ball from the wet area of the fountain so the too smart for its own good pup could stay dry.  On the way back from the hostel visited Rite Aid and a place closer to the hostel that I've bought a fair bit from this trip.

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