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Seattle & Friends Trip Summer 2012 Day 6 Friday July 27

This is the sixth of a series of posts dealing with my ninth and most recent trip to Seattle as adult. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports.  What little updates there are are indicated by “NOW” in brackets.

Been skipping the morning editions this trip unless I really have something to say.

Someone in the dorm was snoring really loud. Those of you in Toronto might have even heard them. They finally stopped and I went back to sleep. But then I got woken up by someone playing music, albeit at a low volume. Hopefully it was a radio alarm and not someone thinking it's a good idea to play music at 6 am.  Giving up trying to sleep.

Having previously bumped Tuesday's plans to today, I'm bumping them again to Wed (or possibly putting them Tues and moving Tues's plans to Wed). I have five relatively low key days planned (i.e. in the Seattle area) and it's time to use one of my least fleshed out days and just wander around.  Haven't seen enough of downtown so far.

[NOW: The above was written in the morning; the rest I wrote in the evening.]

Forget earlier: on the way home yesterday an angry guy was kicking something of his. Also visited the Chief Sealth statue.


Got a bit more ambitious than planned because it was overcast all day today, not really ideal for lying in the sun.

I started out the day visiting Olympic Sculpture Park and Myrtle Edwards Park next to it.  With the NAMBLA, er, I mean, Father and Son stated, at first it was the naked boy part of the statue that was
obscured by the fountain jets, but later he was covered and his naked "father" facing him was uncovered.  Also still like Love & Loss with the rotating ampersand on a pole.

I walked along the waterfront to the Aquarium, then went through Pike Place Market.  There's a new 3-storey Target on 2nd & Pike that was already open (it was a little after 7:30) so I checked it out before returning to the hostel for breakfast.

I went online and discovered some bad news that I'll get to in a bit, then enjoyed the free breakfast for the 1st time this trip. Returning to Pike Place Market I visited Rachel the Pig and First and Pike News. I finally made it to Cameras West, whom I trusted to be straight with me re: the camera issues. The guy there confirmed it will need to be taken to a shop.

I visited the downtown Seattle branch of Barnes & Noble, in Park Place, then visited the scrap metal penguin there.  I tried to figure out the art piece's name, but unless its name is Do Not Climb, I came up empty.  Returning to Pike Place Market I visited Golden Age Collectibles and BLMF Books.

On a whim I walked to the Pioneer District and despite the $16 price decided to do the Underground Tour for the first time in years; the timing was great it was just about to start. Despite the camera
scratch I think I still got some great shots.

I walked to Smith Tower, which offers a discount on the Observation Deck if you've done the Underground Tour. It was closed for the day due to a wedding but I was told I could still get the discount later.

I saw the bus to 18 Ballard and dashed for it. No luck but I made it to the 26 bus to Fremont (both Metro Transit) and decided to take that instead because I had to go there today.  There was a bit of a delay getting there because Fremont Bridge was raised to allow ships to pass through.  I got off the bus once it managed to cross the bridge and visited the well-decorated Waiting for the Interurban statue.

Which brings me to the bad news and the reason I needed to visit Fremont today: I found out that Chris Wedes, who played the Seattle-based children's show host JP Patches had died the very day I left for my trip.  A true Pacific Northwest icon. You can tell who grew up in the Pacific Northwest prior to the early 1980s by their familiarity with him.  So my next stop was to the JP Patches & Gertrude: Late for the Interurban statue, which was well decorated by mourning Patches Pals.

I then in short order visited the Center of the Universe signpost, the still for sale Lenin statue, the Fremont Rocket, and the plant dinosaurs.  I also took zoom photos of Rapunzel on the Fremont Bridge.  I went to Ophelia's Books and petted a sweet cat that meowed at me; I got permission to photograph it.  I also visited Jive Time Records next door. I had lunch at Royal Grinder by the Lenin statue, and then walked to the Fremont Troll, but didn't get too close to the concrete covered Volkswagen because too many kids were playing on the troll.

I caught the 30 bus (Metro Transit) to the University District. I visited Bulldog News, Neptune Records (bought DVDs), Half Price Books, Cinema Books, Scarecrow Video (now had a VHSpresso inside), Dreaming (comics), Al's Music Games Videos (bought DVDs), University Bookstore (bought a couple bottles of Vanilla Coke).

Across from a bus stop some extreme protestors were protesting homosexuality, at least one even holding the sign advocating the death penalty. They seemed to be enjoying the attention; not sure they still will when people start posting shaming photos of them later.

[NOW: The protestors belonged to the Westboro Baptist Church. They are widely considered to be a hate roup that targets gays specifuically.]

I had by this time decided to partly go back to my original plans for the day, keeping the familiar haunts but jettisoning (for this trip; maybe in the future) the five hours it would have taken to visit Kirkland, Woodinville, and Duvall. So I took the 542 bus (Sound Transit) to Redmond and visited the nicely designed outdoor mall Redmond Town Center. I also visited Half Price Books near the Center and bought a couple seasons of a British show for $3 each.

I noticed signs I hadn't seen before leading to Redmond Transit Center and got from Half Price to there in the fastest time I'd ever managed.  I got there just in time to catch the new B bus (Metro Transit/RapidRide) to Crossroads Shopping Center in Bellevue. There I visited Barnes & Noble, Half Price Books, and Silver Platters (bought DVDs). Returning to the bus stop, I took another B bus to Bellevue Transit Center and there took  a 550 bus (Sound Transit) to Westlake Station (in Seattle's Downtown Transit Tunnel).  I visited Pike once more and then walked to the International Fountain at Seattle Center, catching some of the parade set-up en route (some people even had their chairs in place over 24 hours before the parade!) After resting at the fountain awhile, I walked to the nearby Silver Platters. I got more DVDs; one 3-DVD set I would have gotten but I had only just bought one of the DVDs at Al's.

I got pizza at Mod Pizza in the Seattle Center Armory (the armory formerly known as Center House) and then ate it and relaxed at the fountain once more. A memory card went AWOL but finally turned up. Finally returned to the hostel and caught a bit more of the parade set-up on route

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