Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blog: Reducing Frequency at the End of the Year

This blog will remain more or less daily through the end of the year (if I miss a day I'll catch up the next day).  It's been an intersting challenge trying to maintain this daily but a bit tiring and it's been causing some of my other writing etc to suffer.  Plus I've been running out of things to say.  Actually I suppose if I went into the really painful/humiliating stuff I could go on for a while yet, and who knows maybe some day I'll risk a few of those.  But I do think there is something to be said for keeping a few things personal. After all, we've all made mistakes that later in life we would never make.

So what can be expected from the blog in 2013? It'll still be continuing.  There will be at least 52 blog posts, so I'll try to get at least one out a week, perhaps two out after a vacation to play catch-up. Newer trip reports will be posted, but only at least a month after friends/family on my trip reports list have a chance to read them, giving the people who are the most interested first crack at them.  Seasonal posts like Halloween movies recommendations most certainly.  The quarterly DC 52 looks are a pain from a formatring perspective but are lots of fun to do so they'll continue until either too many titles from September 2011 end or until DC shifts directions yet again. And whenever I can find a story that I can vent about in a highly playful way I will.

So the blog isn't going away, just getting a lot learner.  Do people have any suggestions on additional directions they'd like to see. I'm thinking of trying to arrange interviews with people I feel have something interesting to say.  Any other thoughts?  I hope people will continue to follow my blog in its revised format.

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