Saturday, December 1, 2012

Seattle & Friends Trip Summer 2012 Day 1 Sunday July 22

This is the first of a series of posts dealing with my ninth and most recent trip to Seattle as adult. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports.  What few updates there are are indicated by NOW in brackets.

Not a good start to the trip unfortunately. Before that though: got a neat watch for the trip yesterday at Walmart: half digital display, half traditional

Didn't get much sleep last night and could have gotten the first ferry, but that would have been too rushed.  Took the extra time and made a few alternate plans

Lots of people for the 10:30 ferry.  The Customs lady asked which branch I worked for in government so I had to mention the med leave because I no longer had a base position but that seemed to satisfy her

Unfortunately as the ferry was arriving at Port Angeles my camera quit on me, so I've had to use the scratched camera all day (I do have two cameras without scratches but smaller screens, no continuous shooting modes). Will likely have to tolerate scratches on the bulk of the 100,000 or so photos I'm taking this trip, quite noticeable scratches too.

[NOW: I currently still use the scratched camera.]

I made it to the hostel and dropped off my stuff. I paid cash as it's $2 cheaper that way.  I walked to Angeles Pawn (closed Sunday) and China First right beside it, the latter being a buffet.  The food's good but I find I can't eat as much there as I used to.

[NOW: The hostel is a new one called ToadLily International Hostel.]

I walked to Port Angeles Plaza where I tried to get camera help at Radio Shack but no luck. Then I visited Star Video right beside it.

I got quite wet walking to the Walmart a ways east of town and back, though I did get a couple of multi-movie dvds there; the express self-serve check out gave me a hassle and I needed more help than I would have at a regular check-out (authorization kept being required).

Soon after passing Port Angeles Plaza again I got some Powerade at McDonald's, partly because I was still feeling ill from the buffet.  In fact I did get sick not long after drinking most of the Powerade; still I think Powerade did the trip. Right after I visited Walgreen's and then was more or less fine after.

Back downtown E-Z Pawn, Peninsula Pawnbrokers and Move House (the latter two are the same company I think) were closed for Sun but Odyssey Books and Port News and Books were open.  I walked up to 2nd St and got some nice aerial shots from there and then went back downtown and visited Bay Variety and a few Antique Mall stores, getting one 26m zombie movie, I visited the Rocktopus statue and went up some stairs to a harbour aerial view, then walked south to Goodwill and Rite Aid on Lincoln, then south still just out of town to Albertson's. A brief visit to my hostel, the Safeway on Lincoln, then back to the harbour view, though in my tired, depressed state forgot to go up after writing things down.

[NOW: The Movie House has closed down but Peninsula Pawnbrokers remains open.]

I had dinner at the DQ which proved a challenge because the woman didn't know what I meant by the 4 for $5.49 deal and at first thought I meant the combo and then asked me what the meal number was. I finally gave a name for the deal that she understood but then she thought I wanted all four items to be the cheeseburger. I had to catch my breath and ask her not to do this to me today.  I finally got my cheeseburger, hot dog, Pepsi, and peanut butter sundae; the burger and hot dogs were as specified thankfully.

II went back up to the 2nd Street view now that it was nicer out, then back to Rite Aid on Lincoln, getting a couple more multi-movie DVDs.  I went back to the harbour view, then got a drink at Safeway (more self serve issues, first trying to cancel someone else's abandoned purchase, then beer considered a restricted item), then back to the hostel.  I was given my choice of beds but was told only one had been made up. I said that one would be fine.  There's no Internet terminal but the owner's really nice and lent me his laptop.

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