Saturday, December 22, 2012

Seattle & Friends Trip Summer 2012 Day 13 Friday August 3

This is the thirteenth and last of a series of posts dealing with my ninth and most recent trip to Seattle as adult. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports.  What little updates there are, are indicated by “NOW” in brackets.

Got up a little before 5, checked current exchange rates, and walked to Seattle Ferry Terminal, doing one last visit with Rachel the Pig at Pike Place Market en route.  I ate breakfast at the terminal's McDonald's before going inside and getting a ticket.  I took the ferry to Bainbridge and had a bit of a wait before the 90 bus (Kitsap Transit) would let people on.  There was only $1 left on my ORCA card so i paid the difference and took the bus to Poulsbo Transit Center. There was time to visit Poulsbo Village but the wheels of my larger bag had broken (probably heading to the ferry terminal) and I was just too tired to make any sidetrips however brief. The 7 bus (Jefferson Transit) showed up and I got a daypass and took it to the Four Corners strop where I transferred to the 8 bus (also Jefferson Transit) to Sequim Transit Center.

[NOW: The above ferry was a Washington State ferries one.]

Again I was too tired to even make it to Seal Street Park nearby so I just waited for the 30 Commuter bus (Clallam Transit) to Gateway Transit Center in Port Angeles.  Here I did wander a small bit, heading to the Rocktopus and then to an outdoor stage which I used to alphabetized my DVD purchases. I'm sure some have shifted a bit but I just wanted to save time when I got home.  I walked to the Dairy Queen at Gateway Transit Center for lunch and then walked to the ferry terminal, bought a ticket, and then waited on a bench in an outside area of the terminal until the late Coho ferry arrivals. By this time I was very low on camera memory so I became very selective in terms of photos.

[NOW: The ferry terminal that runs the Coho from Port Angeles to Victoria is Black Ball Ferry Terminal]

It was very hot in Victoria when I arrived.  I cleared Customs okay and then did a very long walk in the hot sun dragging luggage with broken wheels home, home being a little uphill. 

At home I discovered that everyone needs to have all their balconies cleared for construction.

While away curtains were supposed to be put back up.  I found a few things knocked over, one curtain put back up, one untouched, and one curtain gone entirely. The untouched curtain is a small window one so won't worry about that or even the scattered stuff but will investigate the missing curtain.

[NOW: Looks like they actually just hooked up the missing curtain to the same side as the other balcony curtain.  Therefore you can’t close the curtains entirely.]

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