Sunday, December 9, 2012

Today’s Fire Alarm

This morning I was half awake but about to fall back asleep when the fire alarm went off. It took me a couple minutes to force myself awake enough to move, or at least it felt that way. When I checked the time it was 7:52 am.

I went outside and I think there were only about four other people already outside. Our security was apparently unaware of the alarm but luckily a security officer covering across the street noticed the alarm and contacted our security and I think maybe the fire department.

While it was a false alarm I got some night photos, particularly when the fire truck arrived roughly 15 minutes later (the fire department is maybe 8-10 blocks away). The fire truck actually passed View St. I like to think that the fire truck was checking the Quadra side for a fire and didn’t overshoot the entrance.

I think given how they entered that the firemen had to have taken the elevator up.  For the next five minutes or so they were the only truck. Maybe five minutes later a fire department car showed up. Another fire truck showed up very briefly while another one was in the background.

Finally the alarms stopped. I managed to get on the second of probably three elevator loads of people who had exited by this point.

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