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Seattle & Friends Trip Summer 2012 Day 8 Sunday July 30

This is the eighth of a series of posts dealing with my ninth and most recent trip to Seattle as adult. I’ve made minor corrections to these reports.  What little updates there are are indicated by “NOW” in brackets.

Forgot to mention before: on Fri en route to the Underground Tour and very near Pike, I visited Palace Jewelry & Loan, I think for the first time since 2006. Some DVDs but on a wall behind the counter so unless your eyesight is perfect, not worth the effort.

Today: Walked along the Torchlight Parade route and took aftermath photos. Surprisingly little litter except at/near Seattle Center. Briefly sat at the location I watched the parade for comparison sake (ie photos).  Returning to the hostel I asked what the laundry hours were and was told that there was no fixed hours but 11-3 not recommended because staff use them then. So, this being 7:25 I said I'd go use them and was told not until 8. Sigh; that was why I asked about the hours in the first place.  I walked down Bell St because there's a section that hangs over the harbour but it was closed due to a cruise ship.  I returned to the hostel and had breakfast.

[NOW: I decided to post that because it was a humorous anecdote but generally City Hostel is pretty good with clarifying their rules.]

Note: all buses today Metro Transit. I took the 18 bus to Ballard, where I noticed that my favourite Seattle video store was opening at 11:30 instead of 10 because it was going out of business.  I walked to the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, spending the most time at the Fish Ladder where you can watch salmon (some quite big) head to freshwater to spawn.

Since I unexpectedly had extra time to kill so I could get to Moviecycle, I crossed over to Magnolia and walked to the huge Discovery Park, which I was thinking of visiting later anyway.  I walked to the Indian Cultural Center and then took a not very good path to the north beach. I walked down to the south beach and took what seemed like the best route (clear and paved) out of the park. I did have to ask directions at one point but even so this was probably the fastest I ever made it to the beach and back.

I visited the Fish Ladder again briefly but it was packed. On my way out of the Locks I grabbed a pop from a vending machine. I walked to Ballard's Sonic Boom Records (en route a guy claimed I looked familiar; I gave him my first name but no other details in case there was a con), then bought a huge number of DVDs at Moviecycle. I've come to realize that outdoor markets have very little guy stuff so I skipped them this time. I walked over to Arcane Comics before having lunch at Ballard's Burger King including a couple of their Icees.

I took the 44 bus to Wallingford Ave in Wallingford and walked down to Gas Works Park, where I spent an hour or so.  Then I walked along 34th to Fremont, getting zoomed shots of the Troll and briefly visiting Waiting for the Interurban, but mainly photographing the JP Patches, which had new memorial items added in the last couple of days.

I took the 30 bus to Seattle Center.  I spent over an hour, maybe two at the International Fountain, grabbed dinner at Mod Pizza at Cen-- er, Seattle Center Armory, and ate the pizza at the fountain.  I visited the Queen Anne area Silver Platters and Easy Street Records (oddly only my 2nd visit to this branch so far this trip), then grabbed some drinks and returned to the hostel.

I put clothes in the wash (it only takes quarters so I had to make change at the front desk) and made a few notes for my excursion tomorrow. I put the clothes in the dryer and then walked to the Bell St overhead area from earlier,, now open. More hostels, then I returned to the hostel, checked on a few thinks online, and grabbed my clothes.

Tomorrow I get back late so I'll try to e-mail tomorrow but if not, Tues eve at the latest.  A bit nervous because it's a sidetrip to Portland via Greyhound, so there are definitely more things that can go wrong tomorrow than any other day. Despite the nuisance, will obey the hour ahead arrival rule both ways. Also, unless there's time, I'm limiting myself to 6 key locations tomorrow, one of which can be jettisoned if I fall behind.

[NOW: It went okay; see the upcoming day 9 entry]

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