Friday, December 28, 2012

Recent Flickr Misadventures

There's multiple programs that you can use to try to upload photos to Flickr.

My traditional photo uploader, Flickr Uploadr (sic) started going too slow so I had to start using a backup, picking JUploader. decided to upload photos using Uploader while Flickr Uploadr completed the upload already queued.. However. it soon meant starting with another day's Seattle trip photos thus another set. This would have been okay except both programs when uploading photos sometimes fail to properly put them in a set, and the feature that lets you search for photos not in a set isn't working right for me at the moment, so I've had to upload photos by day into a set and they take out the ones that don't belong in a set one by one. Even so I'm bound to miss a few so hopefully I can use the "not in set" function again sooner than later.

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