Sunday, December 30, 2012

Disneyland Trip 2008 Retro-Itinerary

I unearthed the itinerary I wrote for my dad for our Disneyland trip and thought it would be fun to share. The reason why specific rides aren`t mentioned is that this was usually decided together the night before and not done up on computer. If I can unearth those plans I might post them later. I`ve added in notes of where we ended up actually going that day.

Tues Sept 9: Travel

ACTUAL: Travel. I took a bus from downtown Victoria to the airport in North Saanich and a plane from there to Richmond. My dad took a bus I think from Vernon to Kelowna and from there also flew to Richmond. From there we flew to Los Angeles and took a bus to Anaheim.

Wed Sept. 10: Disneyland Park
Rationale: since we’re going to be staying really close, there will be a strong temptation to visit there first

ACTUAL: Disneyland Park

Thurs Sept. 11: Knott’s Berry Farm
Rationale: It’s probably wise to alternate Disney and non-Disney days to give a bit of a variety.  Knott’s has the most roller coasters of places we’re likely to visit, thus likely one of the more tiring days for me.  Best to do that early on while I have the energy

ACTUAL: Disney’s California Adventure

Fri Sept. 12: Disney’s California Adventure
Rationale: again, alternating.  Might be wise to spend a busier day in the smaller park, though we can do both (the main park closes 2 hours later and the ticket’s good at both).

ACTUAL: Knott’s Berry Farm

Sat Sept 13: San Diego Wild Animal Park (or Zoo or SeaWorld)
Rationale: We can’t avoid crowds entirely on a Sat, but this should be less of a, er, zoo than the amusement parks.  Also, by this point we’ll probably want to recharge with something more relaxing

ACTUAL: SeaWorld. We both would have preferred the San Diego Wild Animal Park but we were unable to find any efficient transportation there.

Sun Sept. 14: Disneyland Park
Rationale: still alternating

ACUTAL: Universal Studios

Mon Sept 15: Universal Studios
Rationale: A little more energetic than the park, but lots of live shows.  Fun place to visit.  Also, shuttle is free

ACTUAL: Disneyland Park

Tue Sept 16: Flexible day
Rationale: Depending on what we feel like doing and what deals we choose it might be nice to have a more spontaneous day.

ACTUAL: Disneyland Park for me only; shopping for both

Wed Sept. 17: Disneyland Park
Rationale: I moved one of the flexible days here because we have a 5-day ticket and I thought it would be nice to spend our last day in Anaheim there.

ACTUAL: Universal Studios

Thurs: Homeward bound


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