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Seattle Trip 2006 Updates

I've made updates to my previous Seattle Trip 2006 reports.  The updates are within the reports themselves, but for people who only want to see the new material, it's included in this post.

Seattle Trip 2006 Day 1 Friday July 28

[original paragraph 3]
The ferry arrived in Port Angeles the earliest the Coho Ferry ever has since I've used it, so I went to a book store that opens before 8 and took a peak around before heading to Sequim by Clallum Transit.  I did a small bit of shopping there before taking a Jefferson Transit bus to Port Townsend.  Next bus was also Jefferson Transit so I grabbed a bus schedule.  Good thing I did because the next bus left 15 minutes earlier than I expected, and the next bus after that is four hours later.  So I did a shorter than planned look at Port Townsend before returning to the Park and Ride to head to Poulsbo.

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: The Coho ferry is Black Ball Transport.]

[Original paragraph 4]
I took a quick peak at the shopping centre by Poulsbo Park & Ride before taking a Kitsap County bus to Bainbridge Ferry Terminal.  Ferry was free to Seattle and bigger than I expected.  But a cheeseburger (no extras) was $6 US so decided to wait to Seattle to eat.  Excellent view of the city approaching.  That's when I really felt like the trip was really working to its destination.  You could easily see the Space Needle and the large downtown buildings most of the journey.

{Poulsbo Park & Ride amended to Poulsbo Transfer Center and Kitsap County to Kitsap Transit}

[2ND “NOW” paragraph]

[NOW: The bus from Port Townsend to Poulsbo is the number 7 and from Poulsbo to Bainbridge is the number 90. The shopping centre above is the Poulsbo Village Shopping Center. I now take a different route to Seattle from Port Townsend because the 11:40 or so run got cancelled and the next one’s not until around 3.  I do miss the view of Seattle approaching. I originally thought that my doing the trip would hit me upon turning off from Four Corners on the number 7, as that was where the trip was new for me, but as noted it was actually on the ferry when I could see the Space Needle.]

[UPDATE November 30, 2012:  The ferry to Seattle is Washington State Ferries.]

[4th “NOW” paragraph]

[NOW: This is the downtown Seattle branch of Zanadu Comics; they have another branch in the University District.]

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: There is now only one Zanadu Comics. The University Diustrict branch is now a Comic Stop.]

[6th “NOW” paragraph]
[NOW: The fountain is called the International Fountain, and it was the first place where I really felt at home in Seattle, where I fell in love with the city. The store at KCTS is of course called the KCTS Store; both the International Fountain and the KCTS 9 Store are at Seattle Center. Tower Records closed down but has been replaced by the very similar Silver Platters. That year you could visit the Sci-Fi Museum separate from Experience Music Project in the same complex, but that is no longer the case.]

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: The KCTS 9 Store is now online only.]

Seattle Trip 2006 Day 2 Saturday July 29

[1st “NOW” paragraph]

[NOW: The stadium I was referring to is Qwest Field. Some of the tape might have actually been for the Torchlight Parade but I’m not sure. I’ve since switched from film to digital camera. The Barnes & Noble described above is the one at Pacific Place, but I think I did end up getting stuff there; see day 4.]

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: Qwest Field is now called CenturyLink Field, though the locals call it the CLink.]

[3rd “NOW” paragraph]

[NOW: Alki Beach is in West Seattle.  I believe the Statue of Liberty was gone that year. That version got too damaged so I new one got made and placed in a more protected display. I also saw the Alki Bathhouse and the Alki Art Fair. I don’t recall seeing the Birthplace of Seattle marker that year but may have.]

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: The Bathhouse is just a small building, not currently used for bathing if it ever was.]

Seattle Trip 2006 Day 3 Sunday July 30

[original 3rd paragraph]
Rode bus to Flight Museum.  Bought a daypass, but because I got on during free zone, had to wait for bus to reach the museum to get it.  Museum opened half hour later than guidebooks claimed.  Museum was very impressive.  They had WW1 and 2 exhibits (no mention of Canada though).  A replica of a modern jet allowed people to sit down inside).

{Flight Museum amended to the Museum of Flight.}

[4th “NOW” paragraph]

[NOW: The park is Volunteer Park and the dome is called the Observation Tower.  Broadway has since become a bit less of a gay district but it still probably wouldn’t be an ideal play for people who don’t like gays/lesbians. The video store was Gruv, which only recently closed down.]

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: Thinking of it further I probably got the Troma DVDs at both Gruv and at Everyday Music, which has moved three times since. I also visited the now defunct Bailey/Coy Books on Broadway.]

[6th “NOW” paragraph]
[NOW: I think that was a book I got at Arundel Books. I could have sworn that it was a Superman book that I bought through, the Krypton Companion.]
[UPDATE November 30, 2012: Arundel Books has since moved.]

Seattle Trip 2006 Day 4 Monday July 31

[1st “NOW” paragraph]
[NOW: I think I confused Borders and Barnes & Noble here and possibly in earlier reports. If so, the photos I took were probably of the penguin statue made of scrap metal.]

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: That being the case, the Barnes & Noble at Park Place is still around. However, the downtown Seattle Borders, like the rest of the franchise, is gone.]

Seattle Trip 2006 Day 5 Tuesday August 1

[original 2nd paragraph]
Took a 5:30 am ferry to Bainbridge, which cost $6.50 this end (again, free other way), then to Poulsbo.  Could have gotten a slightly later ferry and made the same connections, but part of me was "going native" so decided to make myself leave sooner rather than later.

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: The ferry was Washington State Ferries. The bus to Poulsbo was the 91 Kitsap Transit.]

[original 3rd paragraph]
Not much to see at Poulsbo exchange but walked around anyway.  I almost missed a bus leaving from Port Townsend.  Seems they don't always connect at the Port Townsend exchange when the Poulsbo bus is late.  I got off the bus in time to catch the bus leaving Port Townsend.  I did a brief bit of shopping in Sequim (almost leaving my package behind; sleepy).  Bussed to Port Angeles and worked out how to kill a couple hours while loaded down.  I love Port Angeles but this time just wanted to get home.

{Poulsbo exchange amended to Poulsbo Transfer Center.]

[1st “NOW” paragraph]

[NOW: What is the case now and may have even been the case then is the 8 bus to Sequim leaves Port Townsend before the 7 bus arrives at that time of the day. You’re supposed to make the connection at Four Corners.]

[UPDATE November 30, 2012: The 7 and 8 are both Jefferson Transit. I should have also noted above that the bus to Port Angeles is the 30 Commuter/Clallum Transit.]

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