Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Phantom (1943 Serial): Where are They Now?

Note: this post has been splintered off of Non-National Superhero Serial Actors: Where are They Now?  in order to give it more expanded coverage.

* = Newly added name. Specific titles noted only for 2013-on. Information derived from the imdb. All known cast members noted.

Tom Tyler (The Phantom): died in 1954.
Jeanne Bates (Diana Palmer): died in 2007.
Uncredited Cast:
Ernie Adams (Rusty Fenton): died in 1947.
John Bagni (Moku): died in 1954.
* Robert Barron (King): died in 1971.
Early Cantrell (Ruby Dawn aka The Fire Princess): died in 1997.
Anthony Caruso (Count Silento): died in 2003.
* George Chesebro (Marsden): died in 1959.
* Edmund Cobb (Grogan): died in 1974.
* Iron Eyes Cody (Native): died in 1999.
* Wade Crosby (Long): died in 1975.
Ángel Cruz (Chief Zarka): last known acting role in 1948.
* Dick Curtis (Tartar Chieftain): died in 1952.
Joe Devlin (Singapore Smith): died in 1973.
* Al Ferguson (Thug): died in 1971.
Sam Flint (Phantom's Father): died in 1980.
Sol Gorss (Andy Kriss): died in 1966.
* Alex Havier (Smith's Houseboy): died in 1945.
* Al Hill (Collins): died in 1954.
* Reed Howes (Tartar Guard): died in 1964.
* John Indrisano (Perry): died in 1968.
* I. Stanford Jolley (Watson): died in 1978.
* Guy Kingsford (Byron Anderson): died in 1986.
* Pierce Lyden (Paul): died in 1998.
Kenneth MacDonald (Dr. Max Bremmer): died in 1972.
* Knox Manning (Narrator): died in 1980.
* Paul Marion (Rocco): died in 2011.
* John Maxwell (Larkin): died in 1982.
* Kermit Maynard (Drake): died in 1971.
* Lal Chand Mehra (Suba): died in 1980.
* Ernesto Molinari (Hotel Clerk): died in 1991.
* Paul Newlan (Cates): died in 1973.
Pat O'Malley (Joe Miller): died in 1966.
* Eddie Parker (Scott): died in 1960.
Stanley Price (Chief Chota): died in 1955.
Frank Shannon (Professor Davidson): died in 1959.
* Jay Silverheels (Astari Warrior): died in 1980.
* Anthony Warde (Karak): died in 1975.
* Dan White (Braddock): died in 1980.
Ace the Wonder Dog (Devil): presumably died in 1949 (last screen appearance) or sometime after.

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