Thursday, October 1, 2015

Green Hornet 1940 Serial & 1966-1967 TV Series: Where are They Now?

Note: The 1974 movie is not covered because it’s actually a compilation of TV show episodes. The 2011 movie is not covered because it’s too recent.

1940 Serial
Only credited cast noted.

Gordon Jones (Green Hornet): died in 1963.
Wade Boteler (Michael Axford): died in 1943.
Keye Luke (Kato): died in 1991.
Anne Nagel (Leonore Case): died in 1966.
Phillip Trent (Jasper Jenks): died in 2001.
Cy Kendall (Curtis Monroe): died in 1953.
Stanley Andrews (Police Commissioner): died in 1969.
Selmer Jackson (District Attorney): died in 1971.
Joseph Crehan (Judge Stanton): died in 1966.
Walter McGrail (Dean): died in 1970.
Gene Rizzi (Corey): died in 2001.
John Kelly (Pete Hawks): died in 1947.
Eddie Dunn (D.H. Sligby): died in 1951.
Edward Earle (Felix Grant): died in 1972.
Ben Taggart (Phil Bartlett): died in 1947.
Clyde Dilson (Meadows): died in 1957.
Jerry Marlowe (Bob Stafford): died in 1968.
Frederick Vogeding (Max Gregory): died in 1942.

1966-1967 Series
Only Actors in 3+ episodes noted.

Van Williams (Green Hornet): last known acting role in 1993, as Self in 2006.
Bruce Lee (Kato): died in 1973.
Wende Wagner (Lenore Case): died in 1997.
Lloyd Gough (Mike Axford): died in 1984.
Walter Brooke (D.A. Frank Scanlon): died in 1986.
Gary Owens (Newscaster): died in 2015; The Adventures of Kaitlyn Kitty Kat Kay (2015) filming; as Self: I Know That Voice (2013).
Ken Strange (various): last known acting role in 1968.
Jack Garner (various): died in 2011.

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