Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Atom Man vs. Superman (1950 Serial): Where are They Now?

Note: this post has been splintered off of National (DC) Serial Actors 1946-1948: Where are They Now? in order to give it more expanded coverage.

* = Newly added name. Specific titles noted only for 2013-on. Information derived from the imdb. All known cast members noted.

Kirk Allyn (Superman): died in 1999.
Noel Neill (Lois Lane): last known acting role in 2006 but Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel (nd) in post-production; as Self, completed: Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story (2014).
Lyle Talbot (Luthor/Atom Man): died in 1996.
Tommy Bond (Jimmy Olsen): died in 2005.
Pierre Watkin (Perry White): died in 1960.
Jack Ingram (Foster): died in 1969.
Don C. Harvey (Albor): died in 1963.
Rusty Wescoatt (Carl): died in 1987.
Terry Frost (Baer): died in 1993.
Wally West (Henchman Dorr): died in 1984.
Paul Stader ('Killer' Lawson): died in 1991.
George Robotham (Earl): died in 2007.
Uncredited Cast:
* Ernie Adams (Oil Field Worker; archive footage): died in 1947.
* Stanley Blystone (Joe Evans – Interviewee): died in 1956.
* Marshall Bradford (Mr. Taylor): died in 1971.
* Jack Chefe (Eddie - TV Truck Crewman): died in 1975.
* John Elliott (Council Member - stock footage): died in 1956.
* Frank Ellis (Lawson's Police Escort, Phoney News Photographer): died in 1969.
* Tommy Farrell (Man Observing Ship Rescue, Briggs): died in 2004.
* William Fawcett (Mayor of Metropolis): died in 1974.
* Eddie Fetherston (Thug Loading Truck): died in 1965.
* Eddie Foster (Chief Thug Loading Truck): died in 1989.
* Kit Guard (Cave Entrance Guard): died in 1961.
* Frank Hagney (Impatient Man at Bridge): died in 1973.
* Creighton Hale (Observer): died in 1965.
* John Hart (Henchman in Car): died in 2009.
* Edward Hearn (Prof. Stone): died in 1963.
* Fred Kelsey (Police Chief Forman): died in 1961.
* Charles King (Eavesdropping Robber at Daily Planet): died in 1957.
* Pierce Lyden (Henchman Garland): died in 1998.
* Knox Manning (Narrator): died in 1980.
* George Morrell (Bank Guard): died in 1955.
* Frank O'Connor (Train Passenger): died in 1959.
* Eddie Parker (Power Company Truck Driver): died in 1960.
* Hugh Prosser (HQ Henchman): died in 1952.
* Chuck Roberson (Policeman on Road): died in 1988.
* Guy Teague (Policeman at Bridge): died in 1970.
* Rick Vallin (Power Company Truck Worker): died in 1977.
* Michael Vallon (Council Member - stock footage, Spectator): died in 1973.

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