Monday, November 9, 2015

Batman (1943 Serial): Where are They Now?

Note: this post has been splintered off of National (DC) Serial Actors 1946-1948: Where are They Now? in order to give it more expanded coverage.

* = Newly added name. Specific titles noted only for 2013-on. Information derived from the imdb. All known cast members noted.

Lewis Wilson (Batman): died in 2000.
Douglas Croft (Robin): died in 1963.
J. Carrol Naish (Dr. Daka): died in 1973.
Shirley Patterson (Linda Page): died in 1995.
* Frank Austin (Hotel Clerk): died in 1954.
William Austin (Alfred Pennyworth): died in 1975.
George Chesebro (Brennan): died in 1958.
* Roy Bucko (Barfly): died in 1954.
Dick Curtis (Agent Croft of Section 50): died in 1952.
* James Dime (Henchman): died in 1981.
* Lester Dorr (Agent on Plane): died in 1980.
Kenne Duncan (Fred, the Mechanic): died in 1972.
Robert Fiske (Foster): died in 1944.
Sam Flint (Dr. G.H. Borden): died in 1980.
* Jerry Frank (Cave of Horrors Thug): died in 1971.
* Terry Frost (Male Nurse): died in 1993.
Jack Gardner (Jim Bramwell): died in 1977.
Gus Glassmire (Martin Warren): died in 1946.
Karl Hackett (Wallace): died in 1948.
Al Hill (Det. Eberle): died in 1954.
Earle Hodgins (Joe): died in 1964.
* Mauritz Hugo (Doctor): died in 1974.
Jack Ingram (Henchman Klein): died in 1969.
Warren Jackson (Bernie): died in 1950.
I. Stanford Jolley (Henchman Brett): died in 1978.
Eddie Kane (J. Hanson): died in 1969.
George J. Lewis (Henchman Burke): died in 1995.
Tom London (Henchman Andrews): died in 1963.
* Sam Lufkin (Cop): died in 1952.
* George Magrill (Henchman at Sphinx Club): died in 1952.
* Knox Manning (Narrator): died in 1980.
John Maxwell (Sam Fletcher): died in 1982.
Charles Middleton (Ken Colton): died in 1949.
* Harold Miller (Restaurant Patron): died in 1972.
* Pat O'Malley (Cop): died in 1966.
Ted Oliver (Marshall): died in 1957.
Bud Osborne (Brown): died in 1964.
* Stanley Price (Henchman Driver): died in 1955.
* Joey Ray (Henchman): died in 1958.
* Cyril Ring (Restaurant Patron): died in 1967.
* George Robotham (Henchman): died in 2007.
Frank Shannon (Dr. Hayden): died in 1959.
* Harry Tenbrook (Bartender): died in 1960.
Michael Vallon (Preston): died in 1973.
Anthony Warde (Stone): died in 1975.
* Dan White ( Mover with Pickup Truck): died in 1980.
* Blackie Whiteford (Barfly): died in 1962.
Billy Wilkerson (Steve): died in 1966.
Charles C. Wilson (Police Captain Arnold): died in 1948.
* Harry Wilson (Henchman): died in 1978.

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