Tuesday, November 6, 2012

7 Comics on 9-11

All but the latter two were fund-raising comics published after the attacks.  Only books specifically geared to 9-11 noted, as opposed to issues of regular titles.  Note this is by no means an exhaustive list of 9-11 comics. Only comics I’ve personally read covered.

  1. Heroes (Marvel): Not really stories per se, magazine with illustrations of Marvel characters, etc. with captions expressing some thoughts on 9-11
  2. 9-11: Artists Respond#1 (Chaos/Dark Horse/Image/Oni/Top Shelf): Series of short stories in colour from various top comic creators
  3. 9-11: The World’s Finest Comic Book Writers and Artists Tell Stories to Remember #2 (DC): similar to the above (hence the numbering), though with a small number stories featuring characters published by DC
  4. 9-11: Emergency Relief (Alternative): as the above two books, but in black and white, and with a slightly greater focus on independent writers and artists, though many of those also contributed to the above
  5. A Moment of Silence (Marvel): regular size comic with short stories without any dialogue
  6. The 9-11 Report: A Graphic Adapation (Hill and Wang): 128-page non-fictional account of the events leading up to 9-11 and the events of the day
  7. After 9/11: America’s War on Terror (Hill and Wang): follow-up book to the above with the same creative team (Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon) examinghowthe United States reacted to 9-11 in the Middle East. While the last directly related to 9-11of these seven, it’s unlikely that the events presented here would have been possible had not 9-11 happened

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