Monday, November 19, 2012

10 Comic Book Characters Killed in the 1980s or Earlier Who Have Never Been Revived (or Sets Thereof)

In some cases these characters have been since in flashbacks or in the afterlife, but they remain deceased as of this writing.  Sadly due to DC’s constant history changes, I had to leave them out for the most part, though I did sneak in some more conclusive cases

  1. Baron Zemo (Heinrich Zemo; Marvel Comics). First Appearance: Avengers#4, March 1964 (identified in #6 July 1964). Died fighting Captain America in Avengers#15 April 1965
  2. Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell; Marvel Comics). First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes #12, December 1967. Died in Marvel Graphic Novel #1 January 1982, cancer.
  3. The Enforcer (Charles Delazny Jr., Marvel Comics). First Appearance: Ghost Rider #22 February 1977. Died in Iron Man#194 May 1985, the first known victim of the Scourge of the Underworld
  4. Hammer and Anvil (Leroy Jackson and Johnny Anvil, Marvel Comics). First Appearance: Incredible Hulk#182 December 1974. Died in Marvel Fanfare#29 November 1986: while fighting the Hulk, Hammer is shot in the head by a Scourge of the Underworld; as their lifeforces were linked, Anvil also died
  5. Manhunter (Paul Kirk; National Comics, later DC). First Appearance: Adventure Comics#73 April 1942. Died fighting the Council in Detective Comics#433 November 1974; possibly now erased from continuity
  6. Ben Parker (Marvel Comics). First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy#15. Died in same, killed by The Burglar
  7. 711 (Daniel Dyce; Quality Comics). First Appearance: Police Comics #1 August 1941. Died in Police Comics #15 January 1943, murdered by Oscar Jones
  8. The Patriot (Jeffrey Mace aka Captain America, Timely Comics, later Marvel). First Appearance: Human Torch#4, Spring 1941. Died in Captain America#285 September 1983, cancer.
  9. The Shield (Lancelot Strong, Archie Comics). Fist Appearance: The Double Life of Private Strong#1 June 1959. Died in Shield/Steel Sterling#3 December 1983, in battle with the Soulless Samurai and Deathstar. Note: While he later reappears in Mighty Crusaders#10-11, the way they are written suggests they were inventory stories
  10. Thomas and Martha Wayne (National Comics, later DC): First Appearance: Detective Comics #33 November 1939.Died in same, murderer usually identified as Joe Chill. Note: The specific version of the Waynes who appeared in the above title have been erased from existence; however, they remain deceased in all variations of the Batman mythos

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